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Glenn From Redfin Thinks Century 21 Is Attacking Him May 30, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Marketing, Real Estate, video.
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Glenn Kelman, the CEO for Redfin, the online real estate brokerage in Seattle that came to fame with the 60 minutes piece a few backs recently wrote a post on his blog, Century 21 Runs Anti-Redfin Ad. 

Glenn states,

…it feels like a blunder for Century 21 to take us so seriously. Watching it, I was overcome with the elation of a high-school nerd after the prom queen noticed him enough for a put-down. And the ad falls into the same old trap, arguing that customers need help picking out a home. Most don’t.

Here is the ad and another one that Glenn attacks calling, sinister toned and corn-pone dreams of home-ownership and scaring you to death.

I kinda agree with Glenn on this one, a little bit. These ads aren’t so great. I think C21 can do better and I think we as an industry can do better.

The Reason Why I’m Seeing Fed-Ex Trucks Everywhere May 24, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Creative, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales.
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Do you see it?

Is your logo this genius?
Do you have a logo?
Or do you just use your photo?
Don’t believe in the power of your own logo-look at your business card-
Why do Brokers have a logo but not agents?

You can read an interview with Lindon Leader, the creator of the logo, and find out how the arrow came to be inside the Fed Ex logo and what it means over at The Sneeze. Lots of great stuff.

How about Amazon? Ever notice the arrow there? What does Amazon carry?

Everything from A to Z!

I noticed along time ago at a UW Badger basketball game, at the old Fieldhouse, the new Big Ten logo after Penn State joined the Conference making there 10 11 teams.

If you are thinking about a logo, and I hope you are, less is more. A logo does not have to be a crazy graphic or a picture design.

Sometimes just a nice font and being a little creative will go along away.

11 Things That New Real Estate Agents Do Wrong May 23, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Business Planning, Coaching, Education, Info, Real Estate, Sales.

Real Estate is an easy industry to get into but a tough industry to succeed in. It has been estimated that 90% of agents fail out of the real estate industry within 18 months. Mo Anderson, current Vice-Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams, explains that if a new licensee gets the correct training in the first 6 months that a real estate agents chance for success becomes 70%. Jonathon Dalton, from Century21 comments on Greg Tracy’s Blue Roof Blog in the article Brokerages Don’t Earn Commission, Realtor’s Do

“Brokerages do have an impact on an agent’s success and either can be positive or negative. Starting splits often are weighted so heavily toward the broker that only volume will allow the agent to survive financially and volume is the one thing most new agents don’t have. At the same time, a firm with a solid training program (and some of them really do exist) who can teach the agent something of use vs. the state licensing exams that require knowledge of virtually nothing relevant to the day-to-day can help an agent create a strong foundation on which to build. Steep splits plus poor training = disaster for agents….”.

There are many things that contribute to an agents success and many things that contribute to their failure. Here is my list of eleven things I see new real estate agents do wrong.

11 Things New Real Estate Agents Do Wrong

overwhelmed real estate agent1. DO NOTHING- There is so much to learn in this industry, new real estate agents can sometimes be overwhelmed and go into a state of shock(Sell Shocked). They do nothing instead of something. The correct training and accountability are key.

2. SPEND TO MUCH MONEY ON WRONG THINGS- “You have to spend money to make money” Sure, but you need to make money to spend money. Lead with revenue. There are many vendors out there claiming the “magic pill” for your lead generation and marketing needs. And as Jonathon Dalton comments many agents are giving so much money up to their broker there is not a lot left to build their own sales business. The first year can be difficult in real estate if not guided in the right direction. Many agents fail because they do #1 and #2.

 3.NOT ALIGN WITH TOP PRODUCERS- Find out who the top agents are in your office, in your company. Take them out for coffee, ask them about when the started, their training, their break through, their advice, ask them what the would do over if they started now.

4. NOT LEARNING FROM NON-PRODUCERS-You can learn a lot from these people also. Learn what not to do. Do not listen to someone that does not have a track record of success. In fact, whatever they tell you not to do, think strongly about doing just that. An example is a Non-producer might tell you not to call FSBO’s “It doesn’t work.” they will say. I would go immediately and call a FSBO. 

5. NOT ASKING FOR HELP -When a new real estate agent hits that overwhelm, overload moment, they need to stop and ask for directions. Your manager, your fellow agents, your fellow Realtors. Find someone that is willing and wanting to help. You can’t succeed along in this business, in any business. Even a boxer has people in their corner. Even a golfer has coaches and a caddie on the course with them. Even a race car driver has pit crew.

6. NOT CONTACTING YOUR SPHERE-This is the group of people that like you, trust you and want you to succeed. Your friends, family, neighbors, past co-workers, church members, club members. Real estate is a relationship business. People prefer to work with those that they have relationship with. Ask them to help you find business and ask them for business. People will want to help and will enjoy being a part of your success. Succeed through others. See #5.

7. WORKING WITH TIME KILLERS New agents think because they have nothing better to do that they will work  buyers that will “know what they want when they see it” or the seller that “might sell if they get the right price”. Make good a habits because habits are hard to break. If you can rid of these time-killers early, your ability to do this later in your career will be easy. Focus your time on lead generation activities that bring you the type of buyers and sellers that you want to work with.Dream Big 8. NOT DREAMING BIG ENOUGH-The worst thought you can put into your head is average. Even worse is failure. Earl Nightingale says “You become what you think about”. Gary Keller says “Think Big. Aim High. Be Bold.”

9. TELLING PEOPLE YOU ARE NEW– If you have developed your skills, practiced scripting, rehearsed your presentation, know the market and numbers,  no one will question your experience level. If you don’t do all these things they will question your skill level, which might lead them to question if you are new. Never volunteer that info though. Let your great skills speak for them self. Have a quiet confidence.

10. NOT HAVING A BUSINESS PLAN You are starting a new business. You are operating a business. You are the CEO of your real estate sales business. Why would you not have a plan? Some agents might spend a couple hours doing their business plan for a year to never look at it again. Your long term plan should be reviewed once a week. Your one month plan should be reviewed daily. Whenever you feel lost, uninspired, unmotivated-you should review the plan to get refocused on the big picture. Also have another individual hold you accountable to your goals and plan. Be accountable to them and have them help you succeed.

11. NOT GETTING THE RIGHT/ENOUGH TRAINING-Many brokerages training barely scratches the surface for an agent on how to start a successful business in this industry. The training that many agents get is just enough to let a new real estate agent know just how much they don’t know. See #1. It is your responsibility to find the right training if your brokerage is not offering it. Also many agents will think because they have sat through a course once they are done. NO. You take and retake. You take and you master. If you are not ready to teach the course you should retake the course until you are. This is called spaced repetition.Be learning based and action focused and success is yours!!!

Building Your Real Estate Business May 22, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Business Planning, Coaching, Education, Info, Real Estate, Sales.

I came across Bob Parson’s blog , Founder and CEO of GoDaddy.com, titled “The secret John D. Rockefeller used to build Standard Oil. It’s simple. Putting it to work in your business. Not only is this a great article but a lot of great comments added to it from readers.

This is a great article for any type of business but I know a lot of real estate agents don’t apply most of or any of these points. 

The main point I took out of this article was everything that is watched, improves. What you track, measure and manage will improve.

What things do you want to do to improve in your business? What things are your tracking? What things should you be tracking? What systems and models do you have in place? Who is coaching and working with you to help you to the next level?

Google Real Estate Tools May 21, 2007

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 Google has created a whole info page just for Real Estate Professionals on what Google has to offer to help you and your consumers. 

Google Tools For Real Estate Professionals.

Google Base= Where you can post your listings.
Google Adwords= This is online marketing at its best, being where your audience is. You can have adverstise on this site. Look to the right. That’s an example of Google Adwords.

Google Maps=Not only is this the newest trend in real estate searching but it is only going to get bigger and better. It’s not going away. People still drive around and search for neighborhoods, right? This virtually allows them to do the same thing.

Google Earth=Google Maps Cubed. This is 3D and alive. I don’t completley understand yet. When one of you has mastered all it has to offer let us know.

Google Business Center=Be there or get passed by.

Google Sketch Up=The same as Google Earth for Me. Very cool tool, I don’t know how realistic it is to use just yet.

212 Degrees May 21, 2007

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What would happen with just a bit more effort?

Feedback May 21, 2007

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FeedbackFeedback is all around us, we just have to pay attention and be aware.

If you slice your golf shot into the woods, you are doing something wrong with your swing. If you smell something burning in the oven, you left the dinner in to long. If you wake up with sore muscles, you worked your body to hard the day before.

Feedback is all around us, all the time. Some things are just more obvious and transparent and some times it helps with a third party, outside perspective to help us see, realize, correct and refocus. Your business could be giving you feedback but you may not know what it is or how to interpret it. This feedback could come from such  forms as; no closings for a month, two months, or three months. Not having any current listings. Going on a listing appointment but not getting the listing. Not getting a referral from past clients or sphere of influence.

What do these things mean, but more importantly what can you do to correct it?

The 7 Vision Categories For Success In Life and Business May 21, 2007

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Awhile back I had the awesome opportunity to see Jack Canfield speak at the Keller Williams MegaManagement Camp, in Austin, TX. Jack Canfield is the author of the Chicken Soup for the Soul: Living Your Dreams, The Power of Focus: How to Hit Your Business, Personal and Financial Targets with Absolute Certainty, and his newest book, The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.

Jack walked us through some amazing exercises displaying the power of mind over body. He shared with us his struggle to get Chicken Soup for the Soul published. Rejected 144 times by publishers, until finally someone believed in his product.  He gave some incredible examples of people dealing with adversity and overcoming.

He then share his Seven Vision Categories. He moved very quickly through the categories just asking us to write down one goal in each category. Not to worry about the how or why, just the desire. I will offer up some questions to help with the process of your goals but he was looking for just one simple answer. Here are the categories he shared with us:

1. Financial

What is your financial goal for the year? How much money do you want to make? How much income would you like to earn? Or how much money would you like to save? What would you like your Net Worth to be?

2. Business

What are you professional goals? How many families do you want to help achieve homeownership? Do you want to be the Top Listing agent in your office? Do you want to double your production? Do you want to become an area expert? How many people do you want to help enhance their lives through real estate? Help become investors? How much of your business do you want to be referral based generated?

3. Fun Time

What do you want to do with your time off? What do you want to do that will bring you enjoyment? What makes you laugh? What is stress free to you? When and where can you leave it all behind?

4. Health

With out your health nothing else matters. What would make you feel better? More exercise? Eat healthier? No fast food? Drink more water? Limit the cups of coffee? Join a health club? Walk more? How can you get more energy? More sleep?

5. Relationship

 What can you do to enhance your relationships with your loved ones? What can you do to be 100% where you are at? More family time? Game night with kids? Date night with significant other? Movie night? Weekend getaways? Start a family tradition? Renew a family tradition?

6. Personal

What can you do that is just about you? What can you do to be a little selfish? What makes you happy personally? What is a hobby you love? What is something that you have always wanted to do? Something you would love to learn to do? What would bring you joy and fulfillment?

7. Legacy

 What can you do to give back? What leaves your mark? How can you enhance the lives of those less fortunate? What do you want to be remembered for? What is a charity you want to donate time to? How can you make a difference?

After you have finished the one goal in each category then you can go back and get detailed and figure out the how to make that happen.

What would your life look like if you did focus on your goal in each category and that was your priority? What would you personal and business life look like? What would it feel like to hit your financial goal? What would it feel like to achieve professional success? What would it feel like to have great, fun, personal time? What would it feel like to make a difference?

Best to you with your Seven Vision Categories!