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The Reason Why I’m Seeing Fed-Ex Trucks Everywhere May 24, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Creative, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales.

Do you see it?

Is your logo this genius?
Do you have a logo?
Or do you just use your photo?
Don’t believe in the power of your own logo-look at your business card-
Why do Brokers have a logo but not agents?

You can read an interview with Lindon Leader, the creator of the logo, and find out how the arrow came to be inside the Fed Ex logo and what it means over at The Sneeze. Lots of great stuff.

How about Amazon? Ever notice the arrow there? What does Amazon carry?

Everything from A to Z!

I noticed along time ago at a UW Badger basketball game, at the old Fieldhouse, the new Big Ten logo after Penn State joined the Conference making there 10 11 teams.

If you are thinking about a logo, and I hope you are, less is more. A logo does not have to be a crazy graphic or a picture design.

Sometimes just a nice font and being a little creative will go along away.



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