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The Secret: Vision Boards June 29, 2007

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If you have not heard of The Secret or Law of Attraction you either are living under a rock, have your head in the sand, or your company, place of work doesn’t want you to know it. It’s probably to new age, touchy-feely for them.

John Assarf, from The Secret has an incredible, powerful story about how the Vision Board worked for him.

Here is what I did to create my own vision board. Took less than 5 minutes.

Go to Google Images.

Search for what you want. House on Lake. BMW. Watch. Dream Kitchen. Flat screen TV. What ever your big heart desires.

Save photo to your My Pictures. Right click on photo. Click Save. Name it “My House on the Lake” or “My BMW” what ever it is. Name it that with the word “My” in-front.

Create a new folder in “My Pictures” and place your dream items in that folder.

You know have a “Dream Folder”, The Secret style.

Take it a step further, in your Display Properties click on Screen Saver.

Set it to “My Pictures Slideshow” Click settings and browse to find your “Dream Folder”.

Upload your Dream Folder.

Now every time your computer’s screen saver comes on your Dream Folder pictures will run across your screen giving you constant visualization of whatever you’re intending to attract in to your life.


What Can Efficiency and Systems Do For You? June 28, 2007

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I gave a shout out to FedEx a few posts back about seeing FedEx trucks and their logo everywhere. Time to give some love to “Brown”, UPS.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did an article on UPS called “With data, they deliver the goods”  

UPS has long been known for efficiency.

Drivers don’t run. That might cause injuries, which definitely aren’t efficient. They do, however, move briskly – about two steps per second. A residential stop should take 30 seconds, steering wheel to steering wheel, spokeswoman Donna Barrett said.

While at a stop, drivers are supposed to hang their key ring from a finger so it’s handy when they get back behind the wheel, where they simultaneously start the engine with their right hand while fastening the seat belt with their left.

What kind of systems do you use in your business? What can you do to become more efficient?

Fear June 26, 2007

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Where does it start? FEAR.
At what age? At what circumstance? At what scenario?
Does fear come from rejection? From failure?
Fear paralyzes. Fear causes inaction.
No matter what aspect of your life, the ability to overcome fear will give you the greatest opportunity and the ultimate sense of freedom.

Look at adrenaline junkies. People jumping out of planes. Throwing themselves off of buildings. Surfing 30′ waves. Bungee jumping off of bridges.

These people look fear in the eye. They know the consequences. They know that death could be an outcome, yet….
They follow through. They, for the lack of a better word…MOVE!!!

So many day to day situations that are not nearly this extreme of life and death, (although we might like to think they are) paralyze us from being our best.
From reaching the success we deserve and desire. We are paralyzed, unable to reach ultimate freedom.
Do these little things that we run across each day really deserve to have the power to do that? Should the fear of picking up the phone to call a new prospect paralyze us?

Should it be able to take away our sense of freedom? Why can the fear of introducing yourself to a stranger and letting them know “you are a Realtor” stop you? How many opportunities are lost each day because of FEAR?

What would happen to your life if you lived it FEARLESS? FEARLESS of what the prospect on the other side of the phone thinks of you. FEARLESS of what your co-workers might think of you. FEARLESS of the nay-sayers. FEARLESS of failure. FEARLESS of rejection. What if you became FEARLESS?
What if you knew that you were invincible? What if you knew FEAR could not stop you?
The world would be yours. I am telling you right now, YOU ARE INVINCIBLE! YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Look fear in the eye and know that you will win. Don’t think about it. KNOW IT! Then go ahead…MOVE!!!
Do the thing that will move your business forward. Gain the freedom. In your life, tell the person who doesn’t know, how you care about them. Tell them why.
Tell your children how proud you are of them.
Tell your parents, “Thanks”.
Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you”.


Internet Empowered Consumer June 22, 2007

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The Zillow Blog had a great  post about IEC’s (Internet Empowered Consumer) this week.

Generation Y are tomorrow’s home buyers. As a real estate professional, if you rely on the same marketing channels that you reached our parents with, you’re not likely to reach us. There are numerous ways to reach generation Y, you just have participate in the places where we spend our time. We hang out on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. We read local real estate blogs. We search for homes online. We research everything. We expect almost instant responses when we e-mail someone.  We’re always connected. We don’t care to listen to “pitches.”

They also mention great tips from  Michael Russer:

  • IECs want control, so give it to them. Because of their anonymity, the online consumer is in control and likes it that way. The more you try to take control (as you might do in a typical sales situation) the more you will push them away.
  • IECs value their privacy. Take every opportunity to reassure your online prospects that their privacy will be absolutely protected by you and your staff.
  • Few are ready to buy or sell. I estimate that 19 out of 20 online leads are from consumers in the information-gathering stage, and are not ready to explicitly declare their needs. These folks are easily converted to transactions, but only if you know how to nurture them to the point at which they are ready to move.

Homebuyers and sellers in their 20 and 30’s grew up playing Super Mario Brothers. Guess what? They are still playing video games. They text message. They Facebook. They MySpace. They Twitter.

Do you?

What I Would Do If I Ran A Book Store June 18, 2007

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BookstoreHave you ever been to a bookstore and they didn’t have the book you were looking for?

What do they always ask you then?

“Would you like us to order that for you?”

NO. I would have liked you to have it here. I’m here because I want immediate gratifaction. If I wanted to wait for a book order, I would have order from Amazon and saved money.

I am fairly confident that I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

Chris Anderson, author of book and blog of the same name, The Long Tail, discusses how Online Aggregators like Amazon and Netflix have a sizeable advantage over bricks and mortar businesses. Holding inventory in retail stores cost money. Retail space costs money. Shelf space costs money. Bricks and mortar stores have to focus on the BIG HITS, while Amazon can supply books at the end of the long tail.

So what would I do if I ran a  bricks and mortar bookstore? Instead of asking, “Would you like us to order that for you?”. I would respond,

“Our apologies for not having that book in our current inventory. We would be most happy to oder that for you, have it shipped to the address of your choice and in the mean time, we would like to offer you 50% of any book of your choice from your current inventory for the inconvience.”

Even if the 50% off is a wash. No profit, no loss. The book store should be able to make a profit off the ordered book, but more importantly, they are making a customer happy through immediate gratifaction, the customer walking out of the store with something in hand, to read.


Contacting Your Sphere Part 5 June 16, 2007

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        BE A PRO
So, we have been on a journey for the week, taking a look at what I call the 
            Lead Generation Model for Contacting Your Sphere

We have looked at how to Think Like A Pro to make sure we had the right mindset. We then looked at how to Act Like A Pro to insure that our actions are in alignment with what we want for our outcome. Then the next step is to Show You Are a Pro by demonstrating that to your sphere.The final step is to now look at how to “BE A PRO”. This idea stemmed from a blog I read at my friend, Anthony Clark’s

www.TulsaMetroBlog.com where he posts about the NAR stat that every American, on average, knows 5 people that will buy/sell real estate this year.How do you capitalize on this?Step 1. Send a letter to your Sphere letting them know about this NAR stat. Make them aware that they know 5 people that will have a real estate need this year and you would appreciate if they kept their eyes and ears open.

Step 2. Send the same thing in an email. Over communicate.

Step 3. Send a letter to your Sphere letting them know about your goals and let them know you NEED their help and ASK for their help.
For Ex.

Dear Friend,I hope to help 50 families this year enhance their life through real estate, either the sale or purchase. etc. etc. I need your help with this ambitious goal. Please know that when you refer a person you know to me that they will receive the highest level of service provided in the industry. Thanks for partnering with me on enhancement of your friends, family, neighbors and co-workers.

Then remind them again of the NAR stat, that they know 5 people that will have a real estate need this year. 
Step 4. Send the same thing in an email. Over communicate.Step 5. Make a phone call and ask for the names. Do not skip this step.

Step 6. When you do get a name or a referral, celebrate that person to the rest of your sphere. Send out a letter and email letting your whole sphere know that someone is helping you enhance another’s life through real estate.
Celebrate them. Recognize them. Make them Rockstars. Everyone loves to be recognized and will want to be recognized when they see you doing it for others.

Step 7. Keep calling. Keep asking.

Step 8. Repeat steps 1-8 but let your sphere know how close you and they are to reaching your goal. Partner with them and share your success with them. Make them feel apart of it.

This is my game plan for maximizing your sphere of influence. I hope you do enhance many peoples life through real estate with this Lead Generation Model. If you have ideas on how to improve this idea or you have others please share. If you have questions feel free to email me if you don’t want to leave it in a comment.

Contacting Your Sphere Part 4 June 14, 2007

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Have you ever received a postcard from a chef in the mail on how to sell a home?
I’m not a  betting man, but I bet not.

Have you ever received a postcard from Peyton Manning on when the next neighborhood open house will be?
Probably not. That’s just silly.

But I have received recipe postcards from real estate agents. What do real estate agents know about a Salsa Chicken Black Bean Casserole? Why would you want the consumer to even think you do?

I have received football schedules from real estate agents also. Why do we do this?

I know. We are trying to get our image, our brand in front of the consumer. We are trying to get a certain number of impressions with the consumer, to make sure we become top of mind and stay top of mind.

Why is that how we do it though? Recipes and sports schedules?

I think know we can do better and show our professionalism at a higher level.

So how do we show that we are a professional?

I see nothing wrong with postcards but what’s wrong with industry related material? What if we sent an updated list of just listed and just solds? What if we sent info on the best return of investment on a home improvement project? What if we sent info the average price, median price of homes in the neighborhood? What if we sent info that relates to their property taxes? What about info on decorating trends? How about the newest appliance trend? What if you promoted your website or blog? What if you sent info about how you can help with relocation, across town, state, or across the nation?

What if we sent info showing, demonstrating that we ARE a professional? People might look at us as professionals, and to us for professional advice, instead of looking to us for who the Packers play this Sunday.

Have ever noticed someone from across a room that was truly happy? They radiated. They glowed.
Have you ever had someone tell you that they are happy and you knew better?

See, I believe if you show that you are a professional, you don’t have to tell people you are a professional. Showing is a more powerful statement.

How do you show the consumer that you are a professional?

Contacting Your Sphere Part 3 June 12, 2007

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Imagine a truck driver that ran into a detour or hit a traffic jam and decided that they would not finish their delivery. It was to difficult and to much effort to make the delivery today.Imagine a mail carrier that felt it would just be easier to drop off all the mail at one house on the block and let that family sort it out and make sure it got to the right places.Imagine a sanitation engineer that decided that they would skip a few houses and not collect the trash and garbage. They decide that they will skip pick-up today and just do it next week.Imagine a 12 year old paper boy on his bicycle delivering some papers but decided to stop at the park and play baseball with his friends and skip the rest of his route.
Are those people acting like professionals?

“A professional is a person who can do his best when he particularly does not feel like it.” 
                  -Alistair Cooke

How do act like a professional? That is easy. Look at the people around you for inspiration. Does not matter the occupation, only their dedication, commitment and follow through to their occupation and profession. Acting like a profession goes far beyond the service and commitment to the consumer though. It’s about your commitment and service to yourself.

Professionals practice. Amateurs don’t.

If you are like me when you play a round of golf you might partake in an adult beverage or two. I show up at the first tee, stretch, take some practice swings and tee off. After I finish the 18th hole, I load up my clubs and I head home. Is this what a professional does? Do you think Tiger Woods routine looks anything like this? I seriously doubt it.
I have a feeling Tiger shows up early to the range to practice his swing, hit balls, try different shots and use different clubs. Even after his 18 holes of golf he heads back to the range to work on anything that did not work during his round or perfect something he was working on. He practices. I don’t. I just play. He is a professional. I am an amateur.

“You can’t get much done in life if you only work on the days when you feel good.”
NBA Hall of Famer/Jerry West

Acting like a professional means knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t and knowing the difference between those. I’m constantly amazed at the type of real estate agent I see at regional, national or even local training. I see TOP PRODUCERS. Always. Why are they there? They are already successful. Top Producers are acting like professionals and are being learning based. They are constantly improving on what they know and learning about what they don’t know. They are practicing. Acting like a professional is doing things you don’t want to do, on days you don’t want to do them. Acting like a professional is being learning based. Acting like a professional is knowing what you know and knowing what you don’t.

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Contacting Your Sphere Part 2

Contacting Your Sphere Part 2 June 11, 2007

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What does this mean? Think like a professional. Well first off, do you know what kind of business you are in? If you think you are in the real estate business you are wrong. You are in the lead generation business, specializing in real estate with customer service as your focus. So first, realize and accept that lead generation is the most important thing. If you do not have leads, you do not have a business.

I do not feel that Starbucks makes the best cup of coffee but that does not seem to stop them from having a lack of leads for business does it? Starbucks knows that they are not in the coffee business. They are in the customized product and service business, specializing in the sale of coffee.See, no matter how good you are at this job or any other profession, if you don’t have someone to do business with, you don’t have a business. Gary Keller says,


“You can have a doctorate in real estate, outfox a professional litigator in a contract negation, appraise property better than anyone in your market, and have more financing knowledge packed in your head than a mortgage guru, and it won’t do you a lick of good without clients.”

I talk in my blog article FEAR about not letting your fear control your day. Jack Canfield writes in The Success Principles(TM): How to Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be that FEAR is:


Some real estate agents FEAR calling their sphere of influence. These agents think it is easier to email or send a letter. Of course it is! (This is the wrong kind of thinking.) The agent can’t see the rejection when they delete the email or throw away the letter. An agent makes it easy for their sphere to say no, to reject them because an agent took the easy way out. Some of the big objections I get when coaching an agent about contacting their sphere are:


“I don’t want to interrupt my friends.”
“It seems weird to call them.”
“They know I’m in the business.”
“If they want help, they will call me.”

Those all are all limiting beliefs and lies you told yourself or more likely a lie you heard from a “more experienced agent” in your office. The truth is your sphere doesn’t know your are in the business. At best they might know, but forgot. Even if they do know, if you don’t tell them often and ask for their business they assume that you don’t want to do business with them. A professional thinks that is their job to ask for the business and to remind people of their services.The other truth is a lot of people think they can make it on their own and asking for help from family, friends, ex-coworkers, and acquaintances might make them look weak or desperate. A professional thinks that people who like and trust them want them to succeed. A professional knows that it is their duty to serve those people to the highest level and communicate with them on a systematic, regular basis.

So as a Professional think about how you can serve, help and offer value to your sphere of influence first. Think about who knows you, trusts you, likes you and wants you to succeed. Think about how to effectively and systematically communicate with your sphere. Think about succeeding with and through others. Think about that you are in the lead generation business, specializing in real estate. Think like a Professional.
Source: The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!, by Gary Keller
Source: Eleven Things New Agents Do Wrong, by Darin Persinger


Contacting Your Sphere Of Influence Part 1 June 10, 2007

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I have recieved  a few emails on my blog 11 Things New Agents Do Wrong. Real Estate Agents have agreed that they know they have to contact their sphere and that is going to be the main source for their business as they start but are not sure how to do it. Here are some questions that I have recieved, see if any of these sound like yours:

What is the best way, letter, email, or phone call?
What do I say to them on the phone?
I don’t want to bother them, what is the easiest way?
Do I have to call them?
How often should I be in contact with my sphere?
What and who exactly is my sphere?

Here is what I consider the Lead Generation Model for Contacting Your Sphere.
Over the next week I will break the Model down into each of the four parts.


Sphere Real Estate



First, THINK like a Professional. We will make sure that you have the right mind set going into this. You are not a different person, but you are in a different industry now and you have to get your thoughts right with your actions.

Second, ACT like a Professional. To become a TOP PRODUCER who have to start thinking and acting like a TOP PRODUCER now. You can’t wait until you become a TOP PRODUCER and start acting like one, you will never become one.

Third, SHOW you are a Professional. Now that you are thinking like a professional, acting like a professional, it is now time to demonstrate to your Sphere of Influence that you have the knowledge base and the resources serve them.

And finally, BEING a Professional. That means how to ask for the business. What to say and how to say it. When to ask for business and how often but also how to give value back to your sphere. A professional doesn’t just take. What are you going to do to help your Sphere?

Less Transactions To Go Around June 6, 2007

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NAR is predicting even less homes selling this year then they predicted just a month ago. Just a month ago they predicted even less homes selling then. I wrote in my consumer blog, NAR Re-Predicts Again,about how NAR just seems to be guessing.

I don’t doubt that the numbers will be down though. That means that it is a game of musical chairs for Realtors. This is not an easy business now. There is less transactions taking place. Less commission dollars to go around.

What are you doing to find consumers? They are not going to find you any more?

What are you doing to provide value to consumers? Home prices are stalled, what are you doing to earn your commission?

Are You Spending Your Marketing Dollars In The Right Place? June 2, 2007

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searching on home computer

I see different stats all the time like:

70% of buyers start their real estate search online
78% of consumers start their real estate process online
72% of buyers use the internet for property search.

Who knows what the real numbers are? Probably no one.
What I know is that in the circles I run, my family, my friends, my sphere, that number is probably closer to 95%.

So the question I have for you:

How much of your Advertising Budget is being spent in online advertising?

Are you spending 10% of your budget online? Probably not.
Are you spending 25% of your budget online? I bet your not.
Are you spending 50% of your budget online? I know your not.
Are you spending 75% of your budget online? Now I am just being ridiculous.

 Or am I?

Why are you not where the consumer is?

Watch Oprah and watch who the advertisers are during the program.
Watch a Packer Football game and watch who the advertisers are during the program.
Watch CNN or Fox News then turn to MTV or VH1.
Notice a difference?

Rule #1 of Marketing. Know your audience.