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Contacting Your Sphere Part 4 June 14, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, Contacting Your Sphere, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales.

Have you ever received a postcard from a chef in the mail on how to sell a home?
I’m not a  betting man, but I bet not.

Have you ever received a postcard from Peyton Manning on when the next neighborhood open house will be?
Probably not. That’s just silly.

But I have received recipe postcards from real estate agents. What do real estate agents know about a Salsa Chicken Black Bean Casserole? Why would you want the consumer to even think you do?

I have received football schedules from real estate agents also. Why do we do this?

I know. We are trying to get our image, our brand in front of the consumer. We are trying to get a certain number of impressions with the consumer, to make sure we become top of mind and stay top of mind.

Why is that how we do it though? Recipes and sports schedules?

I think know we can do better and show our professionalism at a higher level.

So how do we show that we are a professional?

I see nothing wrong with postcards but what’s wrong with industry related material? What if we sent an updated list of just listed and just solds? What if we sent info on the best return of investment on a home improvement project? What if we sent info the average price, median price of homes in the neighborhood? What if we sent info that relates to their property taxes? What about info on decorating trends? How about the newest appliance trend? What if you promoted your website or blog? What if you sent info about how you can help with relocation, across town, state, or across the nation?

What if we sent info showing, demonstrating that we ARE a professional? People might look at us as professionals, and to us for professional advice, instead of looking to us for who the Packers play this Sunday.

Have ever noticed someone from across a room that was truly happy? They radiated. They glowed.
Have you ever had someone tell you that they are happy and you knew better?

See, I believe if you show that you are a professional, you don’t have to tell people you are a professional. Showing is a more powerful statement.

How do you show the consumer that you are a professional?


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