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What I Would Do If I Ran A Book Store June 18, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Books, Business Models, idea, Sales.

BookstoreHave you ever been to a bookstore and they didn’t have the book you were looking for?

What do they always ask you then?

“Would you like us to order that for you?”

NO. I would have liked you to have it here. I’m here because I want immediate gratifaction. If I wanted to wait for a book order, I would have order from Amazon and saved money.

I am fairly confident that I’m not the only one that thinks this way.

Chris Anderson, author of book and blog of the same name, The Long Tail, discusses how Online Aggregators like Amazon and Netflix have a sizeable advantage over bricks and mortar businesses. Holding inventory in retail stores cost money. Retail space costs money. Shelf space costs money. Bricks and mortar stores have to focus on the BIG HITS, while Amazon can supply books at the end of the long tail.

So what would I do if I ran a  bricks and mortar bookstore? Instead of asking, “Would you like us to order that for you?”. I would respond,

“Our apologies for not having that book in our current inventory. We would be most happy to oder that for you, have it shipped to the address of your choice and in the mean time, we would like to offer you 50% of any book of your choice from your current inventory for the inconvience.”

Even if the 50% off is a wash. No profit, no loss. The book store should be able to make a profit off the ordered book, but more importantly, they are making a customer happy through immediate gratifaction, the customer walking out of the store with something in hand, to read.




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