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Internet Empowered Consumer June 22, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Education, idea, Info, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales.

The Zillow Blog had a great  post about IEC’s (Internet Empowered Consumer) this week.

Generation Y are tomorrow’s home buyers. As a real estate professional, if you rely on the same marketing channels that you reached our parents with, you’re not likely to reach us. There are numerous ways to reach generation Y, you just have participate in the places where we spend our time. We hang out on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. We read local real estate blogs. We search for homes online. We research everything. We expect almost instant responses when we e-mail someone.  We’re always connected. We don’t care to listen to “pitches.”

They also mention great tips from  Michael Russer:

  • IECs want control, so give it to them. Because of their anonymity, the online consumer is in control and likes it that way. The more you try to take control (as you might do in a typical sales situation) the more you will push them away.
  • IECs value their privacy. Take every opportunity to reassure your online prospects that their privacy will be absolutely protected by you and your staff.
  • Few are ready to buy or sell. I estimate that 19 out of 20 online leads are from consumers in the information-gathering stage, and are not ready to explicitly declare their needs. These folks are easily converted to transactions, but only if you know how to nurture them to the point at which they are ready to move.

Homebuyers and sellers in their 20 and 30’s grew up playing Super Mario Brothers. Guess what? They are still playing video games. They text message. They Facebook. They MySpace. They Twitter.

Do you?



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