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What Can Efficiency and Systems Do For You? June 28, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Business Models, Education, Info, Sales.

I gave a shout out to FedEx a few posts back about seeing FedEx trucks and their logo everywhere. Time to give some love to “Brown”, UPS.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did an article on UPS called “With data, they deliver the goods”  

UPS has long been known for efficiency.

Drivers don’t run. That might cause injuries, which definitely aren’t efficient. They do, however, move briskly – about two steps per second. A residential stop should take 30 seconds, steering wheel to steering wheel, spokeswoman Donna Barrett said.

While at a stop, drivers are supposed to hang their key ring from a finger so it’s handy when they get back behind the wheel, where they simultaneously start the engine with their right hand while fastening the seat belt with their left.

What kind of systems do you use in your business? What can you do to become more efficient?


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