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Being Your Best Is Not Good Enough July 9, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, idea, Info, Real Estate, Sales.

Tiger Woods Being The BestWhen 100% Is Not Enough

If I golfed against Tiger Woods and gave 100%, how do you think I would do? What if he only gave 80% or 75%? Tiger Woods would probably have to be at 30% or less and I would have to be at 100% for me to ever beat him in a heads up golf match. He is justly simply more talented and better skilled than me.

“Give 100%”

Coaches say it. Managers say it. Parents say it. “Give 100%”

They could not be more wrong. The anthem should be “Improve yourself.” At every opportunity, at every game, at every presentation, at every situation. Improve yourself!

What would happen if you improved your knowledge or skill level in your profession or industry just 1% every day? How much would you have improved at the end of a week? At the end of a month? At the end of a year?

Being your best is not good enough until you are your best. Keep improving!

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