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GFDO (pronuounced gilf-do) July 27, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, Creative, idea.

A GFDO is a Guilt-Free Day Off.

A GFDO is sometimes unexpected, middle of the week, not planned, unscheduled day off. We came up with a GFDO at Edyn Real Estate because of the “O” in our WISCO culture.

Open Enviroment-We focus on what and how we do, not when and where we do. We understand that with the talented, creative and driven people Edyn will draw as its partners in business, they will function at their highest level without restraints. We know this because this is how we operate at OUR best. Execution is our key and focus. The method is up to you. Edyn supports, empowers and embraces their partners to perform to their strengths.

I never use to take a day off. A guilt free day off… fahget about it! I have learned that over working, only leads to burnout, non-creativity, stress, and slower production.

This last week, my EDYN partner and I took a GFDO. I did get up at six though and work around my house and in the business for about four hours. But by 10:00 am I was finished and we headed to the lake to do some wakeboarding. My partner was able to spend time with her brother and I was able to spend time with my nephew, so it was also a family day. Later that evening we cookedout with our friends, who had just been married and returned from their honeymoon and heard wonderful stories about their trip.

I enjoyed every minute of my GFDO, because I was 100% in each moment and not wondering about something else.

Take a day off. Take a Guilt-Free Day Off.



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