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The Old School Real Estate Brokerage Model August 29, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Business Models, Real Estate, Sales.
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Is the traditional real estate brokerage model broke?

 Teresa Boardman is stirring up some controversary at her blog, StPaulRealEstateBlog.

I wrote at The Gardyn about the traditional real estate brokerage and talked about her post, Has MAR forgotten who pays the bills?

Did Teresa unlock the Traditional Brokerage secret to profit?

Does it make sense? Not really, but that does seem to be the old school business model.

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Sense Of Urgency August 28, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, Education, Real Estate, Sales.
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Doing Things Now

Sales people seem to have the ability to put things off. Sales people seem to want to pick the low hanging fruit and put all other things off.

Have you ever not called a customer back then a day goes by and it gets even harder to call them? Then a week? Embarrassment sets in and now you can’t call your customer back.

You need to develop a sense of urgency the same a firemand would have. If a fireman heard the alarm but waited around to take action there won’t be a fire to put out.

Learn to take action now. If you have a warm lead, convert them to a hot lead by the end of the day. If you have a hot lead, convert them to an appointment.

Making People Feel Important August 22, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, Creative, Education, Event, idea, Marketing, Real Estate, Sales, Scripts.
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We have this thing in Camp 443 called the 10-5-15-5.

This stands for collecting 10 new names and their info a day. Contacting 5 people in your sphere of influence. Writing 15 handwritten notes to those people and the 5 is previewing 5 homes in the neighborhood to get knowledge of the inventory.

The learners in class today had trouble meeting their 10 new people. 10 new people a day is a lot after all.  There were many reasons why meeting 1o new people was so unattainable.

  • Didn’t have time.
  • Got busy with other things.
  • Didn’t run into 10 people a day.
  • Didn’t know what to say.

I tried to change their perception of meeting 10 people to add to their database.

Don’t worry about meeting 10 people. Don’t worry about getting their business card or contact information. Don’t worry about building your database. Focus on making 10 people feel really important and special today. Give a compliment. Say thank you. Show gratitude. Lend a helping hand. Focus on making 10 people feel really good and the other stuff will just fall into place.

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Visit Me At CAMP 443 August 15, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Education, Event, Info, Real Estate, Sales, Scripts.
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Camp 443

Next week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be instructing a portion of the Camp 443.

Camp 443 is an 18 session course created by Keller Williams University. It takes agents through the begining process of starting their career or getting it jump started again. The main focus is lead generation.

Drop by and attend the sessions I’m training. Classes start at 10:00am and completed by 12:00.