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It’s Not A Real Estate Listing Presentation, It’s A Real Estate Listing Conversation September 4, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, Real Estate, Sales, Scripts.

A listing presentation is not about how great you are.

It’s not about how many homes you have sold.

It’s not about how fantastic of a job you do.

You should never say things like, “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, my marketing plan is fantastic. We are going to create a never before seen marketing plan for you. It’s gonna be huge.”

Who cares? You care. You’re the only one. The seller has stopped listening to you.

A home seller has questions, concerns and suggestions for you. Listen.

Shut up and listen.

Have a conversation. Give and take.

You might lose some listings to the blow hard listing agent that brags about himself and sells himself, but provides no real value. It might happen. But he is not going to get repeat and referral business and the people that you are conversing with, instead of presenting to, will be telling all their friends, family and neighbors about the great Realtor they know.

When this starts to happen, keep your ego in check and don’t let it get to your head.

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1. rogertheriault - September 7, 2007

Excellent advice… and I might add “be honest / be yourself”, answer questions directly… even if you think the seller might not like the answer, a smart seller will appreciate a direct and honest answer.

2. edynrealestate - September 7, 2007

Thanks for stopping by Roger!
kudos to you onsharing the bonus material.
Wishing you More Listings and More Sales!

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