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Become Unstoppable February 1, 2008

Posted by Darin Persinger in Business Models, idea, Marketing, Real Estate, Scripts.
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My business partner and I made a mistake. I made the mistake of the idea, she made the mistake of agreeing to it.

Based on conversations with home-sellers and doing some focus groups with people who had sold their home we created a business model that was pay less, get less or pay more, get more.

The mistake to this was home-sellers after the fact are rethinking a lot of things, rethinking about the commission they paid, was it worth it, what did our agent do. Before selling there home, they are not thinking these things. The home-seller is thinking about results. “Get my home SOLD!”

Seth Godin offers a great solution for Realtors right now. Do more than anyone in your marketplace and charge the same or maybe even a little bit less.

If you’re a real estate broker, you work in an industry where everyone used to charge the same fee: 6%. Now, though, discount brokers are turning up the heat on fees. Lots of brokers are unhappy with this.

The challenge is… what if you had to charge 7%. What if you had to charge more when everyone else was charging less?

What would you do? How could you make it worth it?

Now, just imagine what would happen if you did that at 6% or even 5%? You’d be unstoppable.

So instead of cutting services or marketing in this market, get creative and expand them. Offer more.