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The Two M’s Of Real Estate Lead Generation April 30, 2008

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Gary Keller, author of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent, shared with agents in Austin, Texas today at the KW Agent Masterminds, The Two M’s Of Real Estate Lead Generation.

He put up a slide on the Elmo Projector that he created by hand. Everyone started scribbling down the chart. I made note of it and put it in an Org Chart and wanted to share it with you.


Keller Williams Masterminds April 29, 2008

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I will be in Austin, Texas this week for the Keller Williams Agent Masterminds.

I will be sitting in, listening to Gary Keller and Dave Jenks, authors of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent, discussing best practices in this real estate market. There will then be break out sessions for the agents to mastermind in small groups.

By the way, you do not have to be a KW agent to attend these events. So make sure you attend the upcoming events the rest of this year,

Mastermind Session 2:  August 26th – August 28th

       Agent Masterminds:  August 26th

       Tech Mastermind:  August 27th

       OP Mastermind:  August 28th

       TL Mastermind: August 28th

       Productivity Coach Mastermind: August 28th

       MCA Mastermind:  August 28th

* For more information on Mega Camp 2008 please see megacamp.kw.com after April 1st 2008.  Leadership Mastermind sessions do not conflict with Mega Leadership Camp.

Mastermind Session 3:  October 6th – October 9th

       Tech Mastermind: October 6th – October 7th

       OP Mastermind:  October 7th – October 8th

       Agent Mastermind:  October 7th – October 8th

       TL Mastermind:  October 6th

       Productivity Coach Mastermind:  October 6th

       MCA Mastermind:  October 6th – October 7th

*Dates subject to change

If you can’t attend these events you really should consider starting a local mastermind in your city or even in your office.

“No two minds ever come together without thereby creating a third, invisible intangible force, which may be likened to a third mind.” – Napoleon Hill, author Think and Grow Rich

What Is Your Domino? April 27, 2008

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 This last week I shared with my agent partners this youtube video:

While they watched the video, I handed out a single domino to every attending agent partner. I then asked these questions,

What one thing can you do, that no one else can do, every day that will have an impact on the rest of your business?

What is your domino?

What is the one thing that when put in motion will have a domino effect on the rest of the business?

New Location April 27, 2008

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I am on the West Coast now. In the greater Seattle area.

Thinking about changing the header. Or do I leave it since Madison is from where I launched?