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Tips For Generating Leads Online For Realtors May 30, 2011

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching, Real Estate.
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Some of the best tips for generating leads online come from the real estate coaching blog at Productivity Junkies.

Here are some ideas for generating leads online….

Generating Leads Online

Realtors should take their internet marketing as a crucial component in their over marketing and prospecting plan. There is shift in how consumers are buying and it’s my guess that it will change lead generation, client fulfillment and the way you engage with your sphere .

Real estate agents need to look at how to develop a blueprint for their online marketing. This best blueprint would combine social networking, content creation, SEO, internet marketing, cold calling and in person appointments all together in to one strategy.

Content Creation For Realtors

A large portion of your blueprint should involve content creation as a part of your plan for generation leads online. Content creation gives you authority, educational perspectives, the chance to develop an audience, target your information and become the local celebrity in your neighborhood.

Social Networking For Realtors

Just develop the relationship on the internet and leads will come to you. There seems to be a lot of social networking experts, social networking gurus and social networking rockstars out there today say this.

These experts all seem to be saying the similar ideas, they will assist realtors and their marketing without having to do the traditional annoying activities of prospecting for sale by owners or expired listings.

I’m to drop this bomb on your social networking dreams, but just because you know how to twitter and facebook doesn’t mean you know how to employ the tools to generate leads online.

Discover how to analyze what are the best applications  for your online lead generation: twitter, facebook, foursquare, gowalla etc. Decide where your target market is at and then engage a social networking plan that works with your main marketing blueprint.

Realtors Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google adwords and Facebook ads are a great resource to use in your online marketing. Especially when you blend these forms of advertising with your overall marketing strategy for your sales business. Using google adwords or facebook ads give a possible seller or buyer a chance to find you that is not using social networking or using keywords in the search engines  that you are not naturally ranking for.

As a Realtor,  how are you going to best engage in an productive facebook ad strategy with a facebook page marketing plan?

How are you going to develop a real estate lead generation that combines online and offline?