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Marysville Meadows New Construction In Marysville June 17, 2011

Posted by Darin Persinger in Real Estate.
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The housing bust left many people questioning the idea of buying real estate.  But with property values getting lower and the real estate market declining, the truth is, affordability is at record highs for a home buyer.

However, because of the uncertainty in the market and even  job stability, leasing is still the answer for many people.

But doesn’t it make sense to give home ownership a second thought if you can buy a home and have a mortgage payment for less than rent? Check out Marysville Meadows and you might have that second thought.

Encore Homes is building new construction in Marysville, WA. called The Meadows. The Marysville Meadows community that is great value for the price. It’s  a community of almost 300 homes.  These new construction homes are priced starting in low $160,000’s. With the location of these properties, they are eligible for a USDA loan, which means zero down and no private mortgage insurance (or PMI).

Because of these low prices and low interest rates,  your entire monthly payment for these homes could likely not be as high as renting.

There are some fun amenities there also. Soccer field. Basketball court. Etc.

As a tenant, what you are actually doing is paying a mortgage already. You are just paying your landlords mortgage.

So maybe with affordable new construction homes like the Marysville Meadows, you really should give a second thought to home buying right now.



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[…] So maybe it is logical to give some more thought to buying a home and taking advantage of this market. If you could become a homeowner and pay less for your mortgage each month then you pay for rent, would you? This blog talks about new construction in Marysville, WA. […]

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