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How To Increase Productivity – Use the 90/50 Rule February 19, 2012

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching.

How to increase productivity  and stop working so many hours

Tim Ferriss, creator of the 4 Hour Work Week  says this about performance and productivity,

“…our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity.

There is a whole lot of self-employed, organization owners enterprise or out there killing their company and…

AND… their enterprise lives. I wish you are not one of them. Want to know how these folks are performing, that is killing their organization as well as personalized lives?

Maybe you are like this, but I hope not. They are dwelling the 50/90 Rule. When they ought to be dwelling the 90/50 Rule. I’ll clarify what these guidelines are.

If you are a organization owner, or self employed or a free lancer, you have to, please stop talking, bragging, celebrating hours worked. You get paid for final results, not by the hour.

“I operate 60 operate a week!” “I perform 80 hours a week!” “I’m on call  24/7 for my clients!”
Stop bragging about the number of hours you are performed or start charging by the hour. Do one or the other, OK?

You are not punching a clock anymore. You don’t get paid time or half. You don’t have to to impress your boss anymore. You are not climbing a company ladder.

You are the boss!

The 90/50 Rule

What I’ve observed with many a lot of estate agents, company owners and also entrepreneurs is that they don’t and also and also the variation among among and just becoming chaotic. Tim Ferriss, creator of the 4 Hour Work Week operate this perform productivity,

Personal sacrifice as a substitute of  productivity…

Too many think more time equals more self-worth…

If you want to create a organization and also have a life you enjoy, transform this mindset. Immediately!

Remember, you get paid for final outcome, not by the hour.

The 90/50 Rule is over bringing awareness to this epidemic of sacrificing time as of hunting at your seeking also results. It is straightforward, however effective.

Be at 90% effectiveness 50% of the time. Most folks are at 50% effectiveness 90% of the time. and also you do this the total day, properly at effectively 90% of it. Always plugged in. Always connected. Stop this. The 90/50 Rule shifts you back the other way. Give it 90%. That will give you certain great benefits. And…. Only 50% of the time of what you are at performing now. A huge component of this is your mindset. Doing a shift from 50/90 to 90/50 is not simple, because  like Tim Ferriss explained, “our explained rewards personal sacrifice.”

Increase productivity utilizing the 90/50 Rule.



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