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How to have a successful real estate career February 27, 2012

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How To Be A Successful Real Estate Agent, by Darin Persinger of ProductivityJunkies.com will show you what areas of the real estate business to focus on. 

Success in real estate sales has never been easy. 

You might hear people complain that the barrier to entry is too easy in real estate. That taking a course, 60 hours long and passing an exam, is not tough enough. 

Reality check – getting your license does not guarantee you a professional level of profit. It does not even guarantee you moderate success. 

Success does not come easy, especially in today’s economy and market. Plus, marketing has shifted. There is an entirely different dynamic to growing a successful business today, as there use to be. 

The internet has been very disruptive in the way the consumer, your potential prospect finds information, their next home and their next real estate agent. You have terms like inbound marketing, content marketing, social networking flying around. You need to figure out how mobile marketing can work or how to use video in your business. 

Or do you?

Every day in my email, at every event I speak at, I have real estate agents coming up to me and asking me about the “tactics and tools”. 

Yes, the “tactics and tools” are important, but not everything. 

The 7 Focus Areas does cover the “tactics and tools”, but it goes much broader and much deeper. These 7 Focus Areas insure that you are building a solid foundation for your business instead of a reactive, “tactic of the month”, or “chase the shiny object syndrome” type of business.

To take your real estate sales career to the next level check out this kindle book for realtors committed to success


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