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Your Real Estate Listing Presentation September 3, 2008

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Can’t figure out how to nail that real estate listing presentation? What do you say? What don’t you say?

I believe that there are FOUR STEPS in a listing presentation.

1. Rapport Building

2. Needs Analysis

3. Points of Difference/Unique Selling Propositions

4. Seller Marketing Strategies

Stay tuned while I break these four steps down for ya.


It’s Not A Real Estate Listing Presentation, It’s A Real Estate Listing Conversation September 4, 2007

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A listing presentation is not about how great you are.

It’s not about how many homes you have sold.

It’s not about how fantastic of a job you do.

You should never say things like, “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, my marketing plan is fantastic. We are going to create a never before seen marketing plan for you. It’s gonna be huge.”

Who cares? You care. You’re the only one. The seller has stopped listening to you.

A home seller has questions, concerns and suggestions for you. Listen.

Shut up and listen.

Have a conversation. Give and take.

You might lose some listings to the blow hard listing agent that brags about himself and sells himself, but provides no real value. It might happen. But he is not going to get repeat and referral business and the people that you are conversing with, instead of presenting to, will be telling all their friends, family and neighbors about the great Realtor they know.

When this starts to happen, keep your ego in check and don’t let it get to your head.

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Stop Taking Listings And Focus On Buyers? February 24, 2009

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I have heard this lately from agents and I want to speak to ya’ll about it…
First, I want to share with you what my friends have told me about Family Reunion in Orlando right now. They tell me that Gary is saying, “Down is the new up,”   that when the market shifts people get confused and think the floor is ceiling when actually the ceiling is the new floor. This makes me think about what he writes in SHIFT.

“When a shift occurs confusion follows. Not only in the marketplace but also in the mind and body. What to think and what to do becomes fuzzy because what once worked is no longer working and you many not know why.” (page 23)

So you don’t want listings because……
Days on Market increasing?
Sellers won’t price right?
Sellers being difficult?
Sellers being unreasonablee?
Too much expense?
Gary goes on to write in SHIFT,

“To survive a shift you must first make the mental shift to run towards what you most want and avoid the temptation of running away from what you most fear.”(page 24)

You need to stop running away from listings, you need to stop being confused by the shift and start running towards the foundational make up of this industry. LISTINGS!!!

By the way, you might want to do a quick SELF ASSESSMENT to self discover why you are running from listings if you are using those excuses from above:

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best how are my lead generation skills?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best how are my lead conversion skills?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best how am I at optimizing online marketing such as KWLS, craigslist, postlets, facebook, etc.?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best how am I with objection handling?
On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the best how am I with my listing presentation?

****If you didn’t score a 45 or above, what training or coaching are you going to do to enhance your skill set?

In the MREA Gary shares with us that

“The Three L’s of the MREA – Leads, Listings, and Leverage-are the pillars of any successful real estate sales business. I believe these are the core issues that drive massive sales volume. In fact, we made them the framework for our foundational model of The Millionaire Real Estate Agent. (page 43 MREA)”

 You can not allow the market shift to confuse you about these foundational models. If you are thinking you want to ignore listings and focus on buyers, does it also make sense to ignore leverage and not utilize tools or systems and try to do everything yourself  or by memory. If you are going to ignore listings does it also make sense to ignore leads and lead generation all together hope that lead receiving starts to work (page 99 MREA for more on that).
If its silly to ignore leverage and leads, you must recognize that its just as silly to ignore listings.
I talked to my father about this issue recently, he shared with me that listings were the key to his business in the 70’s, and 80’s. Listings were the key to my business in the 90’s and now in this decade. How many market shifts have there been in the last 40 years? And yet my father and I agreed Gary is right, Listings focused is a foundational key to success no matter the market or time.
I will leave you with this last piece of knowledge from Gary,

“….some target audiences are going to be better than others in a shifted market…..That first list would include: open houses, FSBO’s, expired listings, foreclosures, builders with spec homes, and relocation buyers or sellers, among others. The second list would be the people in your met database (your past clients, sphere of influence, friends, and acquaintances who yo believe will send you referrals.” (page 66 SHIFT)

 So what audiences are you targeting with your lead generation?

Be Water July 28, 2008

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Bruce Lee’s legendary words- “Be Water”

Gary Keller in his legendary book, The Millionaire Real Estate Agent: It’s Not About the Money…It’s About Being the Best You Can Be!, writes about the importance of scripts and dialogues in the Economic Model for a real estate agent.

“Converting leads to appointments and converting appointments to listings are huge drivers of your economic success. They are both accomplished by a skilled presentation with a firm grasp of scripts and dialogues. If you can’t make a convinviniving presentation, deliver purposeful scripts or engage in effective dialogue, you won’t be very successful, no matter how many leads you may have.” (page 132)

When you have become a master of your scripts like Bruce Lee has become a master of martial arts, you are like water. You can flow or you can crash. You will be powerful and smooth at the same time.

Be water my friend.

Join us in the Lions Den every morning at 8:00 am PST for practice on scripts and dialogues.

Being Your Best Is Not Good Enough July 9, 2007

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Tiger Woods Being The BestWhen 100% Is Not Enough

If I golfed against Tiger Woods and gave 100%, how do you think I would do? What if he only gave 80% or 75%? Tiger Woods would probably have to be at 30% or less and I would have to be at 100% for me to ever beat him in a heads up golf match. He is justly simply more talented and better skilled than me.

“Give 100%”

Coaches say it. Managers say it. Parents say it. “Give 100%”

They could not be more wrong. The anthem should be “Improve yourself.” At every opportunity, at every game, at every presentation, at every situation. Improve yourself!

What would happen if you improved your knowledge or skill level in your profession or industry just 1% every day? How much would you have improved at the end of a week? At the end of a month? At the end of a year?

Being your best is not good enough until you are your best. Keep improving!

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