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How To Increase Productivity – Use the 90/50 Rule February 19, 2012

Posted by Darin Persinger in Coaching.
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How to increase productivity  and stop working so many hours

Tim Ferriss, creator of the 4 Hour Work Week  says this about performance and productivity,

“…our culture tends to reward personal sacrifice instead of personal productivity.

There is a whole lot of self-employed, organization owners enterprise or out there killing their company and…

AND… their enterprise lives. I wish you are not one of them. Want to know how these folks are performing, that is killing their organization as well as personalized lives?

Maybe you are like this, but I hope not. They are dwelling the 50/90 Rule. When they ought to be dwelling the 90/50 Rule. I’ll clarify what these guidelines are.

If you are a organization owner, or self employed or a free lancer, you have to, please stop talking, bragging, celebrating hours worked. You get paid for final results, not by the hour.

“I operate 60 operate a week!” “I perform 80 hours a week!” “I’m on call  24/7 for my clients!”
Stop bragging about the number of hours you are performed or start charging by the hour. Do one or the other, OK?

You are not punching a clock anymore. You don’t get paid time or half. You don’t have to to impress your boss anymore. You are not climbing a company ladder.

You are the boss!

The 90/50 Rule

What I’ve observed with many a lot of estate agents, company owners and also entrepreneurs is that they don’t and also and also the variation among among and just becoming chaotic. Tim Ferriss, creator of the 4 Hour Work Week operate this perform productivity,

Personal sacrifice as a substitute of  productivity…

Too many think more time equals more self-worth…

If you want to create a organization and also have a life you enjoy, transform this mindset. Immediately!

Remember, you get paid for final outcome, not by the hour.

The 90/50 Rule is over bringing awareness to this epidemic of sacrificing time as of hunting at your seeking also results. It is straightforward, however effective.

Be at 90% effectiveness 50% of the time. Most folks are at 50% effectiveness 90% of the time. and also you do this the total day, properly at effectively 90% of it. Always plugged in. Always connected. Stop this. The 90/50 Rule shifts you back the other way. Give it 90%. That will give you certain great benefits. And…. Only 50% of the time of what you are at performing now. A huge component of this is your mindset. Doing a shift from 50/90 to 90/50 is not simple, because  like Tim Ferriss explained, “our explained rewards personal sacrifice.”

Increase productivity utilizing the 90/50 Rule.



Tips For Generating Leads Online For Realtors May 30, 2011

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Some of the best tips for generating leads online come from the real estate coaching blog at Productivity Junkies.

Here are some ideas for generating leads online….

Generating Leads Online

Realtors should take their internet marketing as a crucial component in their over marketing and prospecting plan. There is shift in how consumers are buying and it’s my guess that it will change lead generation, client fulfillment and the way you engage with your sphere .

Real estate agents need to look at how to develop a blueprint for their online marketing. This best blueprint would combine social networking, content creation, SEO, internet marketing, cold calling and in person appointments all together in to one strategy.

Content Creation For Realtors

A large portion of your blueprint should involve content creation as a part of your plan for generation leads online. Content creation gives you authority, educational perspectives, the chance to develop an audience, target your information and become the local celebrity in your neighborhood.

Social Networking For Realtors

Just develop the relationship on the internet and leads will come to you. There seems to be a lot of social networking experts, social networking gurus and social networking rockstars out there today say this.

These experts all seem to be saying the similar ideas, they will assist realtors and their marketing without having to do the traditional annoying activities of prospecting for sale by owners or expired listings.

I’m to drop this bomb on your social networking dreams, but just because you know how to twitter and facebook doesn’t mean you know how to employ the tools to generate leads online.

Discover how to analyze what are the best applications  for your online lead generation: twitter, facebook, foursquare, gowalla etc. Decide where your target market is at and then engage a social networking plan that works with your main marketing blueprint.

Realtors Using Google Ads and Facebook Ads

Google adwords and Facebook ads are a great resource to use in your online marketing. Especially when you blend these forms of advertising with your overall marketing strategy for your sales business. Using google adwords or facebook ads give a possible seller or buyer a chance to find you that is not using social networking or using keywords in the search engines  that you are not naturally ranking for.

As a Realtor,  how are you going to best engage in an productive facebook ad strategy with a facebook page marketing plan?

How are you going to develop a real estate lead generation that combines online and offline?

Power Hour Prospecting June 3, 2008

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I have 8-10 of my agent partners showing up every morning doing rock and role play, (scripts and dialogues), we are then watching a POWER UP video from KWConnect. After practicing our scripts, watching a video that gets our mindset right to get on the phone, we go and make a hour of focused prospecting calls.

Some agents are calling FSBO’s, expireds or Just Listed/Just Solds. Some agents are sticking with their sphere of influence or past customers/clients.

What would an hour of focused prospecting do for your business? Do you need some ideas for scripts? Do you need help getting over fear and call reluctance?

Contact me today: MoreListingsMoreSales@gmail.com  425-446-2429

What Is Your Domino? April 27, 2008

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 This last week I shared with my agent partners this youtube video:

While they watched the video, I handed out a single domino to every attending agent partner. I then asked these questions,

What one thing can you do, that no one else can do, every day that will have an impact on the rest of your business?

What is your domino?

What is the one thing that when put in motion will have a domino effect on the rest of the business?

Real Estate Coaching Part 4 November 8, 2007

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1

Real Estate Coaching Part 2

Real Estate Coaching Part 3

When coaching any real estate agents or real estate sales managers, I want to know their “why?”.Their “Big Why?”. There are many jobs out there. Many careers to be had. Many ways to earn a living.

Why do you want to succeed in real estate?

Think about that for a minute. Do you know why you want to deal with short fused, impossible sellers? Why do you want to work with time consuming, unrealistic buyers? If you don’t know “why?” email me to schedule a FREE phone consultation on defining your purpose. MoreListingsMoreSales@gmail.com

Your “Big Why” is not about making money either? It never is. I promise you. Watch.

Why do you want to be successful in real estate?

  • To make lots of money

Why do you want to make lots of money?

  • Ahhh…..I really would like to be able to retire early and pay for my kids to get through college.

Why do you want to retire early?

  • It would be great to travel with my husband and really spend quality time together in our later years.

Why do you want to pay for your kids college tuition?

  • I never went to school, but I know that so many more doors open for you when you have a degree. I want them to be happy and successful in life.

So the reason you want to be successful in real estate is so that you can spend quality time with your husband, traveling and exploring the world. And also being able to help your kids discover themselves, living a happy, successful life.

If I’m in a real estate coaching relationship with someone, we have that conversation and that doesn’t make them pick up the phone and lead generate even a little bit, either they are not being honest with themselves or they don’t belong in real estate. By the way, real estate coaching is not all about getting agents to lead generate.

Real estate coaching, in my opinion is more than giving an agent systems, tools and education. Real estate coaching is about training, demonstrating, and guiding. Most real estate offices and real estate franchises have good enough tools and systems for their agents to succeed with, the real estate offices just do not take the time to properly show agents, what and how to do.

If you are ready to increase your performance, production and profit-visit our Coaching page.

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Real Estate Coaching Part 3 November 5, 2007

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1

Real Estate Coaching Part 2

So I have suggested that,

If you are an experienced real estate agent and have had some sales success in the past but now are in a slump, by simply reporting to someone else-your goals, actions, and results-you could see a huge benefit to your business.

See, being held accountable and being coached are two different things. If you decided to have a real estate coach help you, the real estate coach will hold you accountable, but will also, give you ideas, tools, systems, and advice. Let me give you and example.

Yesterday was Sunday. There was a lot of good football games on. If you watch a game, you can see examples of coaching and accountability taking place right in front of you.

If a receiver runs a wrong route and means a bad play for the team, you will see maybe a couple of other players but for sure the quarterback holding that wide receiver accountable. They will be challenging the wide receiver, on why they did not execute correctly. Once that wide receiver gets to the sidelines, they will start to get coached and will be held accountable by the coaching staff of the football team.

By the way, I can’t spell receiver to save my life. Thank God for spell check.

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Real Estate Coaching Part 2 November 3, 2007

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Do you need a real estate coach? Is getting involved in real estate coaching the best move for your business?

That depends. Where are you at and where do you want to go?

 Are you new in the real estate business?

Are you experienced but in a slump?

Are you experienced and want to take your business to the next level?

Are you experienced and want to grow your real estate team?

A real estate coach could you help you with all these situations but you might not need a real estate coach for all of them. For example, if you are experienced and you know what to do, an accountability partner is a great way to go.

If you are an experienced real estate agent and have had some sales success in the past but now are in a slump, by simply reporting to someone else-your goals, actions, and results-you could see a huge benefit to your business.

An accountability partner could be your peer. They could be another agent in your office, they could be an agent in your company but at a different branch office. They might be someone you met at a training event or a convention. They might even be someone in your city that works at a competing brokerage. Your accountability partner should be whomever you feel confident in, that they will hold up their end of your accountability partnership.

If you would like some more ideas on accountability partners or what an peer accountability session should look and feel like, email me MoreListingsMoreSales@gmail.com

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1 October 8, 2007

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Coaching has become a buzzword in the business world and of course real estate world over the last 10 years. People are getting life coaches, health coaches, family coaches, business coaches, real estate coaches all in an effort for higher performance. Many times paying top dollar for their coach in hope getting the Return On Investment to justify the expense.

So do you need a real estate coach?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Over the next few posts I’m going to explore real estate coaching, real estate consulting, accountability and performance. Real Estate can be lonely world and having a partner, maybe a coach is helpful way to get through the maze of real estate sales.

“Who Do You Know..” real estate script September 29, 2007

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 Not the right property for a buyer?

Have you ever shown a property and it doesn’t work for that buyer?

Do you want to have even more buyer’s to work with?

Want to get an easy referral from someone that you are working with?

After showing a property and it’s clear that the property is not going to work for this buyer, ask them this question,

“Who do you know that would like this property?”

Just because it doesn’t fit their taste and style doesn’t mean that they don’t know someone who would like the property. Many times people that are looking at homes, know someone else that is looking at homes also or at least starting to think about it.

Try it. What do you have to lose?

Ikea has it figured out September 27, 2007

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“You can do so much in 10 minutes time. Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into 10-minute units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activity.”
— Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of the furniture brand IKEA

Sit At Floor Duty…Sit At Open Houses…Sit. Sit. Sit. September 20, 2007

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In real estate sales, sitting any where is death sentence.

I read somewhere on Active Rain that an agent was suggesting to new agents to give people a break.

  • Don’t Direct Mail
  • Don’t Phone Call
  • Don’t Door Knock
  • Don’t anything

Their suggestion was to work your sphere of influence, sit at open houses, sit on floor duty and lots of other sits. I agree with working your sphere, but if you don’t take action on developing new contacts, you will fail. Let me repeat that.

You. Will. Fail.

I don’t have a link to this article, it made me sick. I’m sure the agent believed what they are saying. But see, I want you to succeed. Not to fail. I don’t know what the motivation was for this agent to write that blog full of sits.

Do you have a plan to develop new contacts?

Do you have a plan to be a Master of real estate contracts?

Do you have a plan to know your housing inventory?

Do you have a plan to provide value to your sphere?

Do you have a plan to earn referrals?

Develop plans and systems, but don’t sit. Don’t wait for business to find you. This is not retail. This is real estate sales. If you want to sit around and wait, go work at GAP.

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Communication vs. Connection September 10, 2007

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Are you just communicating?     

Or are you really connecting?


Before we go too far into this blog let me give you two options.

1. Go out and buy Jeffrey Gitomer’s book “Little Black Book of Connections” then you don’t have to read this blog. OR
2. Read this blog and go out and buy Jeffery Gitomer’s book “Little Black Book of Connections”

Have you ever seen this? Two people in a car together and both are on a cell phone. How about two people walking in a mall together and both are having a conversation just not with each other? Both are on cell phones.
Technology is making it easier and easier to communicate but harder and harder to connect.

Our business is about connecting. Sellers will list with the agent they connect with. Buyers will write an offer with an agent they connect with. If you are truly connected to your clients they will refer people they are connected to.

We spend a lot of time and money communicating at our customers and clients. Emails, phone calls, voice mails, letters, postcards, newspaper ads, web-sites, magazines, brochures, fliers, etc. etc.

How much time and money do we spend connecting with them?When was the last time you connected with someone in your sphere? Maybe it’s time to REconnect!

When was the last time you connected with someone at an open house? At a networking event? Maybe it’s time to start connecting!

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you” -Dale Carnegie

So how well are you connecting? How can you tell? Easy! Ask yourself these 4 (plus 1) quick, simple and easy questions to yourself.

1. When was the last time I got a referral?
2. How many referrals have I received in the last 6 months?
3. How many referrals have I received in the last 12 months?
4. How many new names do I add to my database each week?  AND  (plus 1)
5. When was the last time I did something of value, gave something of value or helped the people in my database?

I have asked you a bunch of questions and you probably want to ask me,
“Yeah but Darin, how do I connect?

Great question!
There are a few methods that Jeffrey Gitomer offers up in his book listed above and there are a few methods we will touch on right now.

“The questions that you ask, the ideas you bring to the table, and your communication skills, combined with your passion, belief, and attitude, are the fundamentals of what it takes to connect.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

First, ask questions. Lots of questions. Questions about them. Questions about their ideas and opinions. People want to talk about themselves. People want to share. Asking questions gives them permission and the opportunity to do that. Ask away.

Below is a simple, easy to remember acronym on things that you can ask about:


So does asking questions get you connected? NOPE! It gets you answers though.
What you do with those answers is how you connect.Think of it like this:

You are an airplane trying to land (connect)
The person you are talking with is air traffic control in the tower

You are circling around the runway, asking questions, trying to connect

You keep circling the runway, you keep asking, you do FORD, as soon as you find something in common-
what ever it might be (you both have daughters, you both have dogs, you both vacation in the same place, you both are fans of the same football team, you both like the same kind of food, you both golf, anything.) Once you find that thing in common the questions stop and you share with them about yourself this thing you have in common. This starts to lead to a safe happy landing connection.

Airplane and tower are together. Connection. Success!!!

So what are you waiting for? Go CONNECT!

Questions Real Estate Agents Should Ask Themselves September 9, 2007

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Doing an open house this weekend?

What did you do to promote it?

Did you invite the neighbors? Good chance they are the only one’s going to show.

How many people did you contact and tell about your event? Yes, event. If you are not making an event, treating it like an event, don’t do it.

How many directional signs did you put up?

How early did you put out the signs? I hope not the day of.

How are you going to spend your time at the open house when no one is touring your property?

Are you wasting time at your open house?

It’s Not A Real Estate Listing Presentation, It’s A Real Estate Listing Conversation September 4, 2007

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A listing presentation is not about how great you are.

It’s not about how many homes you have sold.

It’s not about how fantastic of a job you do.

You should never say things like, “Mr. and Mrs. Seller, my marketing plan is fantastic. We are going to create a never before seen marketing plan for you. It’s gonna be huge.”

Who cares? You care. You’re the only one. The seller has stopped listening to you.

A home seller has questions, concerns and suggestions for you. Listen.

Shut up and listen.

Have a conversation. Give and take.

You might lose some listings to the blow hard listing agent that brags about himself and sells himself, but provides no real value. It might happen. But he is not going to get repeat and referral business and the people that you are conversing with, instead of presenting to, will be telling all their friends, family and neighbors about the great Realtor they know.

When this starts to happen, keep your ego in check and don’t let it get to your head.

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Sense Of Urgency August 28, 2007

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Doing Things Now

Sales people seem to have the ability to put things off. Sales people seem to want to pick the low hanging fruit and put all other things off.

Have you ever not called a customer back then a day goes by and it gets even harder to call them? Then a week? Embarrassment sets in and now you can’t call your customer back.

You need to develop a sense of urgency the same a firemand would have. If a fireman heard the alarm but waited around to take action there won’t be a fire to put out.

Learn to take action now. If you have a warm lead, convert them to a hot lead by the end of the day. If you have a hot lead, convert them to an appointment.

Making People Feel Important August 22, 2007

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We have this thing in Camp 443 called the 10-5-15-5.

This stands for collecting 10 new names and their info a day. Contacting 5 people in your sphere of influence. Writing 15 handwritten notes to those people and the 5 is previewing 5 homes in the neighborhood to get knowledge of the inventory.

The learners in class today had trouble meeting their 10 new people. 10 new people a day is a lot after all.  There were many reasons why meeting 1o new people was so unattainable.

  • Didn’t have time.
  • Got busy with other things.
  • Didn’t run into 10 people a day.
  • Didn’t know what to say.

I tried to change their perception of meeting 10 people to add to their database.

Don’t worry about meeting 10 people. Don’t worry about getting their business card or contact information. Don’t worry about building your database. Focus on making 10 people feel really important and special today. Give a compliment. Say thank you. Show gratitude. Lend a helping hand. Focus on making 10 people feel really good and the other stuff will just fall into place.

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GFDO (pronuounced gilf-do) July 27, 2007

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A GFDO is a Guilt-Free Day Off.

A GFDO is sometimes unexpected, middle of the week, not planned, unscheduled day off. We came up with a GFDO at Edyn Real Estate because of the “O” in our WISCO culture.

Open Enviroment-We focus on what and how we do, not when and where we do. We understand that with the talented, creative and driven people Edyn will draw as its partners in business, they will function at their highest level without restraints. We know this because this is how we operate at OUR best. Execution is our key and focus. The method is up to you. Edyn supports, empowers and embraces their partners to perform to their strengths.

I never use to take a day off. A guilt free day off… fahget about it! I have learned that over working, only leads to burnout, non-creativity, stress, and slower production.

This last week, my EDYN partner and I took a GFDO. I did get up at six though and work around my house and in the business for about four hours. But by 10:00 am I was finished and we headed to the lake to do some wakeboarding. My partner was able to spend time with her brother and I was able to spend time with my nephew, so it was also a family day. Later that evening we cookedout with our friends, who had just been married and returned from their honeymoon and heard wonderful stories about their trip.

I enjoyed every minute of my GFDO, because I was 100% in each moment and not wondering about something else.

Take a day off. Take a Guilt-Free Day Off.

Referral and Repeat Marketing July 14, 2007

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This week I attended a training course by Phil Hollander of Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. Phil wrote a book called Referral & Repeat Marketing.

Phil had sent me a this book a few months ago and it blew my mind. Many of the systems that I have implemented at EDYN Real Estate are based from this book. Even though the book covers many topics and sources of business, Phil’s talk was focused on just your A List people. Here some of my notes from the class

Phil Hollander defined A List people into 3 groups:

  1. Past clients
  2. Referral Sources a)Business Circle ex.lenders, lawyers, inspectors          b)Personal Circle ex. friends, relatives, past co-workers
  3. Hot prospect-buying or selling in 3-6 months

Who goes into your A-list Database? Ask yourself this question,

Does this person have the ability and desire to A) refer me business and/or B) repeat business with me

Past Clients are your number one source of business

Two reasons why people will use you or refer you,

  1. They like you.
  2. They think you have knowledge and expertise.

In my blog post Contacting Your Sphere Part 4, I wrote about how agents market and present themselves,

Have you ever received a postcard from a chef in the mail on how to sell a home?
I’m not a  betting man, but I bet not.

Have you ever received a postcard from Peyton Manning on when the next neighborhood open house will be?
Probably not. That’s just silly.

But I have received recipe postcards from real estate agents. What do real estate agents know about a Salsa Chicken Black Bean Casserole? Why would you want the consumer to even think you do?

I have received football schedules from real estate agents also. Why do we do this?

Do sending football schedules and recipes make us look like a real estate expert and knowledgeable professional to our A-list people?

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Being Your Best Is Not Good Enough July 9, 2007

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Tiger Woods Being The BestWhen 100% Is Not Enough

If I golfed against Tiger Woods and gave 100%, how do you think I would do? What if he only gave 80% or 75%? Tiger Woods would probably have to be at 30% or less and I would have to be at 100% for me to ever beat him in a heads up golf match. He is justly simply more talented and better skilled than me.

“Give 100%”

Coaches say it. Managers say it. Parents say it. “Give 100%”

They could not be more wrong. The anthem should be “Improve yourself.” At every opportunity, at every game, at every presentation, at every situation. Improve yourself!

What would happen if you improved your knowledge or skill level in your profession or industry just 1% every day? How much would you have improved at the end of a week? At the end of a month? At the end of a year?

Being your best is not good enough until you are your best. Keep improving!

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The Secret: Vision Boards June 29, 2007

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If you have not heard of The Secret or Law of Attraction you either are living under a rock, have your head in the sand, or your company, place of work doesn’t want you to know it. It’s probably to new age, touchy-feely for them.

John Assarf, from The Secret has an incredible, powerful story about how the Vision Board worked for him.

Here is what I did to create my own vision board. Took less than 5 minutes.

Go to Google Images.

Search for what you want. House on Lake. BMW. Watch. Dream Kitchen. Flat screen TV. What ever your big heart desires.

Save photo to your My Pictures. Right click on photo. Click Save. Name it “My House on the Lake” or “My BMW” what ever it is. Name it that with the word “My” in-front.

Create a new folder in “My Pictures” and place your dream items in that folder.

You know have a “Dream Folder”, The Secret style.

Take it a step further, in your Display Properties click on Screen Saver.

Set it to “My Pictures Slideshow” Click settings and browse to find your “Dream Folder”.

Upload your Dream Folder.

Now every time your computer’s screen saver comes on your Dream Folder pictures will run across your screen giving you constant visualization of whatever you’re intending to attract in to your life.