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“Who Do You Know..” real estate script September 29, 2007

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 Not the right property for a buyer?

Have you ever shown a property and it doesn’t work for that buyer?

Do you want to have even more buyer’s to work with?

Want to get an easy referral from someone that you are working with?

After showing a property and it’s clear that the property is not going to work for this buyer, ask them this question,

“Who do you know that would like this property?”

Just because it doesn’t fit their taste and style doesn’t mean that they don’t know someone who would like the property. Many times people that are looking at homes, know someone else that is looking at homes also or at least starting to think about it.

Try it. What do you have to lose?

Communication vs. Connection September 10, 2007

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Are you just communicating?     

Or are you really connecting?


Before we go too far into this blog let me give you two options.

1. Go out and buy Jeffrey Gitomer’s book “Little Black Book of Connections” then you don’t have to read this blog. OR
2. Read this blog and go out and buy Jeffery Gitomer’s book “Little Black Book of Connections”

Have you ever seen this? Two people in a car together and both are on a cell phone. How about two people walking in a mall together and both are having a conversation just not with each other? Both are on cell phones.
Technology is making it easier and easier to communicate but harder and harder to connect.

Our business is about connecting. Sellers will list with the agent they connect with. Buyers will write an offer with an agent they connect with. If you are truly connected to your clients they will refer people they are connected to.

We spend a lot of time and money communicating at our customers and clients. Emails, phone calls, voice mails, letters, postcards, newspaper ads, web-sites, magazines, brochures, fliers, etc. etc.

How much time and money do we spend connecting with them?When was the last time you connected with someone in your sphere? Maybe it’s time to REconnect!

When was the last time you connected with someone at an open house? At a networking event? Maybe it’s time to start connecting!

“You can close more business in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get people interested in you” -Dale Carnegie

So how well are you connecting? How can you tell? Easy! Ask yourself these 4 (plus 1) quick, simple and easy questions to yourself.

1. When was the last time I got a referral?
2. How many referrals have I received in the last 6 months?
3. How many referrals have I received in the last 12 months?
4. How many new names do I add to my database each week?  AND  (plus 1)
5. When was the last time I did something of value, gave something of value or helped the people in my database?

I have asked you a bunch of questions and you probably want to ask me,
“Yeah but Darin, how do I connect?

Great question!
There are a few methods that Jeffrey Gitomer offers up in his book listed above and there are a few methods we will touch on right now.

“The questions that you ask, the ideas you bring to the table, and your communication skills, combined with your passion, belief, and attitude, are the fundamentals of what it takes to connect.” – Jeffrey Gitomer

First, ask questions. Lots of questions. Questions about them. Questions about their ideas and opinions. People want to talk about themselves. People want to share. Asking questions gives them permission and the opportunity to do that. Ask away.

Below is a simple, easy to remember acronym on things that you can ask about:


So does asking questions get you connected? NOPE! It gets you answers though.
What you do with those answers is how you connect.Think of it like this:

You are an airplane trying to land (connect)
The person you are talking with is air traffic control in the tower

You are circling around the runway, asking questions, trying to connect

You keep circling the runway, you keep asking, you do FORD, as soon as you find something in common-
what ever it might be (you both have daughters, you both have dogs, you both vacation in the same place, you both are fans of the same football team, you both like the same kind of food, you both golf, anything.) Once you find that thing in common the questions stop and you share with them about yourself this thing you have in common. This starts to lead to a safe happy landing connection.

Airplane and tower are together. Connection. Success!!!

So what are you waiting for? Go CONNECT!

Making People Feel Important August 22, 2007

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We have this thing in Camp 443 called the 10-5-15-5.

This stands for collecting 10 new names and their info a day. Contacting 5 people in your sphere of influence. Writing 15 handwritten notes to those people and the 5 is previewing 5 homes in the neighborhood to get knowledge of the inventory.

The learners in class today had trouble meeting their 10 new people. 10 new people a day is a lot after all.  There were many reasons why meeting 1o new people was so unattainable.

  • Didn’t have time.
  • Got busy with other things.
  • Didn’t run into 10 people a day.
  • Didn’t know what to say.

I tried to change their perception of meeting 10 people to add to their database.

Don’t worry about meeting 10 people. Don’t worry about getting their business card or contact information. Don’t worry about building your database. Focus on making 10 people feel really important and special today. Give a compliment. Say thank you. Show gratitude. Lend a helping hand. Focus on making 10 people feel really good and the other stuff will just fall into place.

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GFDO (pronuounced gilf-do) July 27, 2007

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A GFDO is a Guilt-Free Day Off.

A GFDO is sometimes unexpected, middle of the week, not planned, unscheduled day off. We came up with a GFDO at Edyn Real Estate because of the “O” in our WISCO culture.

Open Enviroment-We focus on what and how we do, not when and where we do. We understand that with the talented, creative and driven people Edyn will draw as its partners in business, they will function at their highest level without restraints. We know this because this is how we operate at OUR best. Execution is our key and focus. The method is up to you. Edyn supports, empowers and embraces their partners to perform to their strengths.

I never use to take a day off. A guilt free day off… fahget about it! I have learned that over working, only leads to burnout, non-creativity, stress, and slower production.

This last week, my EDYN partner and I took a GFDO. I did get up at six though and work around my house and in the business for about four hours. But by 10:00 am I was finished and we headed to the lake to do some wakeboarding. My partner was able to spend time with her brother and I was able to spend time with my nephew, so it was also a family day. Later that evening we cookedout with our friends, who had just been married and returned from their honeymoon and heard wonderful stories about their trip.

I enjoyed every minute of my GFDO, because I was 100% in each moment and not wondering about something else.

Take a day off. Take a Guilt-Free Day Off.

Fear June 26, 2007

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Where does it start? FEAR.
At what age? At what circumstance? At what scenario?
Does fear come from rejection? From failure?
Fear paralyzes. Fear causes inaction.
No matter what aspect of your life, the ability to overcome fear will give you the greatest opportunity and the ultimate sense of freedom.

Look at adrenaline junkies. People jumping out of planes. Throwing themselves off of buildings. Surfing 30′ waves. Bungee jumping off of bridges.

These people look fear in the eye. They know the consequences. They know that death could be an outcome, yet….
They follow through. They, for the lack of a better word…MOVE!!!

So many day to day situations that are not nearly this extreme of life and death, (although we might like to think they are) paralyze us from being our best.
From reaching the success we deserve and desire. We are paralyzed, unable to reach ultimate freedom.
Do these little things that we run across each day really deserve to have the power to do that? Should the fear of picking up the phone to call a new prospect paralyze us?

Should it be able to take away our sense of freedom? Why can the fear of introducing yourself to a stranger and letting them know “you are a Realtor” stop you? How many opportunities are lost each day because of FEAR?

What would happen to your life if you lived it FEARLESS? FEARLESS of what the prospect on the other side of the phone thinks of you. FEARLESS of what your co-workers might think of you. FEARLESS of the nay-sayers. FEARLESS of failure. FEARLESS of rejection. What if you became FEARLESS?
What if you knew that you were invincible? What if you knew FEAR could not stop you?
The world would be yours. I am telling you right now, YOU ARE INVINCIBLE! YOU ARE UNSTOPPABLE!

Look fear in the eye and know that you will win. Don’t think about it. KNOW IT! Then go ahead…MOVE!!!
Do the thing that will move your business forward. Gain the freedom. In your life, tell the person who doesn’t know, how you care about them. Tell them why.
Tell your children how proud you are of them.
Tell your parents, “Thanks”.
Don’t be afraid to say, “I love you”.


The Reason Why I’m Seeing Fed-Ex Trucks Everywhere May 24, 2007

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Do you see it?

Is your logo this genius?
Do you have a logo?
Or do you just use your photo?
Don’t believe in the power of your own logo-look at your business card-
Why do Brokers have a logo but not agents?

You can read an interview with Lindon Leader, the creator of the logo, and find out how the arrow came to be inside the Fed Ex logo and what it means over at The Sneeze. Lots of great stuff.

How about Amazon? Ever notice the arrow there? What does Amazon carry?

Everything from A to Z!

I noticed along time ago at a UW Badger basketball game, at the old Fieldhouse, the new Big Ten logo after Penn State joined the Conference making there 10 11 teams.

If you are thinking about a logo, and I hope you are, less is more. A logo does not have to be a crazy graphic or a picture design.

Sometimes just a nice font and being a little creative will go along away.