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Real Estate Coaching Part 4 November 8, 2007

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1

Real Estate Coaching Part 2

Real Estate Coaching Part 3

When coaching any real estate agents or real estate sales managers, I want to know their “why?”.Their “Big Why?”. There are many jobs out there. Many careers to be had. Many ways to earn a living.

Why do you want to succeed in real estate?

Think about that for a minute. Do you know why you want to deal with short fused, impossible sellers? Why do you want to work with time consuming, unrealistic buyers? If you don’t know “why?” email me to schedule a FREE phone consultation on defining your purpose. MoreListingsMoreSales@gmail.com

Your “Big Why” is not about making money either? It never is. I promise you. Watch.

Why do you want to be successful in real estate?

  • To make lots of money

Why do you want to make lots of money?

  • Ahhh…..I really would like to be able to retire early and pay for my kids to get through college.

Why do you want to retire early?

  • It would be great to travel with my husband and really spend quality time together in our later years.

Why do you want to pay for your kids college tuition?

  • I never went to school, but I know that so many more doors open for you when you have a degree. I want them to be happy and successful in life.

So the reason you want to be successful in real estate is so that you can spend quality time with your husband, traveling and exploring the world. And also being able to help your kids discover themselves, living a happy, successful life.

If I’m in a real estate coaching relationship with someone, we have that conversation and that doesn’t make them pick up the phone and lead generate even a little bit, either they are not being honest with themselves or they don’t belong in real estate. By the way, real estate coaching is not all about getting agents to lead generate.

Real estate coaching, in my opinion is more than giving an agent systems, tools and education. Real estate coaching is about training, demonstrating, and guiding. Most real estate offices and real estate franchises have good enough tools and systems for their agents to succeed with, the real estate offices just do not take the time to properly show agents, what and how to do.

If you are ready to increase your performance, production and profit-visit our Coaching page.

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Real Estate Coaching Part 3 November 5, 2007

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1

Real Estate Coaching Part 2

So I have suggested that,

If you are an experienced real estate agent and have had some sales success in the past but now are in a slump, by simply reporting to someone else-your goals, actions, and results-you could see a huge benefit to your business.

See, being held accountable and being coached are two different things. If you decided to have a real estate coach help you, the real estate coach will hold you accountable, but will also, give you ideas, tools, systems, and advice. Let me give you and example.

Yesterday was Sunday. There was a lot of good football games on. If you watch a game, you can see examples of coaching and accountability taking place right in front of you.

If a receiver runs a wrong route and means a bad play for the team, you will see maybe a couple of other players but for sure the quarterback holding that wide receiver accountable. They will be challenging the wide receiver, on why they did not execute correctly. Once that wide receiver gets to the sidelines, they will start to get coached and will be held accountable by the coaching staff of the football team.

By the way, I can’t spell receiver to save my life. Thank God for spell check.

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1 October 8, 2007

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Coaching has become a buzzword in the business world and of course real estate world over the last 10 years. People are getting life coaches, health coaches, family coaches, business coaches, real estate coaches all in an effort for higher performance. Many times paying top dollar for their coach in hope getting the Return On Investment to justify the expense.

So do you need a real estate coach?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Over the next few posts I’m going to explore real estate coaching, real estate consulting, accountability and performance. Real Estate can be lonely world and having a partner, maybe a coach is helpful way to get through the maze of real estate sales.

Ikea has it figured out September 27, 2007

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“You can do so much in 10 minutes time. Ten minutes, once gone, are gone for good. Divide your life into 10-minute units and sacrifice as few of them as possible in meaningless activity.”
— Ingvar Kamprad, Founder of the furniture brand IKEA

Sit At Floor Duty…Sit At Open Houses…Sit. Sit. Sit. September 20, 2007

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In real estate sales, sitting any where is death sentence.

I read somewhere on Active Rain that an agent was suggesting to new agents to give people a break.

  • Don’t Direct Mail
  • Don’t Phone Call
  • Don’t Door Knock
  • Don’t anything

Their suggestion was to work your sphere of influence, sit at open houses, sit on floor duty and lots of other sits. I agree with working your sphere, but if you don’t take action on developing new contacts, you will fail. Let me repeat that.

You. Will. Fail.

I don’t have a link to this article, it made me sick. I’m sure the agent believed what they are saying. But see, I want you to succeed. Not to fail. I don’t know what the motivation was for this agent to write that blog full of sits.

Do you have a plan to develop new contacts?

Do you have a plan to be a Master of real estate contracts?

Do you have a plan to know your housing inventory?

Do you have a plan to provide value to your sphere?

Do you have a plan to earn referrals?

Develop plans and systems, but don’t sit. Don’t wait for business to find you. This is not retail. This is real estate sales. If you want to sit around and wait, go work at GAP.

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What can systems do for you?

Sense Of Urgency August 28, 2007

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Doing Things Now

Sales people seem to have the ability to put things off. Sales people seem to want to pick the low hanging fruit and put all other things off.

Have you ever not called a customer back then a day goes by and it gets even harder to call them? Then a week? Embarrassment sets in and now you can’t call your customer back.

You need to develop a sense of urgency the same a firemand would have. If a fireman heard the alarm but waited around to take action there won’t be a fire to put out.

Learn to take action now. If you have a warm lead, convert them to a hot lead by the end of the day. If you have a hot lead, convert them to an appointment.

Making People Feel Important August 22, 2007

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We have this thing in Camp 443 called the 10-5-15-5.

This stands for collecting 10 new names and their info a day. Contacting 5 people in your sphere of influence. Writing 15 handwritten notes to those people and the 5 is previewing 5 homes in the neighborhood to get knowledge of the inventory.

The learners in class today had trouble meeting their 10 new people. 10 new people a day is a lot after all.  There were many reasons why meeting 1o new people was so unattainable.

  • Didn’t have time.
  • Got busy with other things.
  • Didn’t run into 10 people a day.
  • Didn’t know what to say.

I tried to change their perception of meeting 10 people to add to their database.

Don’t worry about meeting 10 people. Don’t worry about getting their business card or contact information. Don’t worry about building your database. Focus on making 10 people feel really important and special today. Give a compliment. Say thank you. Show gratitude. Lend a helping hand. Focus on making 10 people feel really good and the other stuff will just fall into place.

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Visit Me At CAMP 443 August 15, 2007

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Camp 443

Next week Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I will be instructing a portion of the Camp 443.

Camp 443 is an 18 session course created by Keller Williams University. It takes agents through the begining process of starting their career or getting it jump started again. The main focus is lead generation.

Drop by and attend the sessions I’m training. Classes start at 10:00am and completed by 12:00.

Referral and Repeat Marketing July 14, 2007

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This week I attended a training course by Phil Hollander of Morris Real Estate Marketing Group. Phil wrote a book called Referral & Repeat Marketing.

Phil had sent me a this book a few months ago and it blew my mind. Many of the systems that I have implemented at EDYN Real Estate are based from this book. Even though the book covers many topics and sources of business, Phil’s talk was focused on just your A List people. Here some of my notes from the class

Phil Hollander defined A List people into 3 groups:

  1. Past clients
  2. Referral Sources a)Business Circle ex.lenders, lawyers, inspectors          b)Personal Circle ex. friends, relatives, past co-workers
  3. Hot prospect-buying or selling in 3-6 months

Who goes into your A-list Database? Ask yourself this question,

Does this person have the ability and desire to A) refer me business and/or B) repeat business with me

Past Clients are your number one source of business

Two reasons why people will use you or refer you,

  1. They like you.
  2. They think you have knowledge and expertise.

In my blog post Contacting Your Sphere Part 4, I wrote about how agents market and present themselves,

Have you ever received a postcard from a chef in the mail on how to sell a home?
I’m not a  betting man, but I bet not.

Have you ever received a postcard from Peyton Manning on when the next neighborhood open house will be?
Probably not. That’s just silly.

But I have received recipe postcards from real estate agents. What do real estate agents know about a Salsa Chicken Black Bean Casserole? Why would you want the consumer to even think you do?

I have received football schedules from real estate agents also. Why do we do this?

Do sending football schedules and recipes make us look like a real estate expert and knowledgeable professional to our A-list people?

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What Can Efficiency and Systems Do For You?

11 Things New Real Estate Agents Do Wrong

What Can Efficiency and Systems Do For You? June 28, 2007

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I gave a shout out to FedEx a few posts back about seeing FedEx trucks and their logo everywhere. Time to give some love to “Brown”, UPS.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel did an article on UPS called “With data, they deliver the goods”  

UPS has long been known for efficiency.

Drivers don’t run. That might cause injuries, which definitely aren’t efficient. They do, however, move briskly – about two steps per second. A residential stop should take 30 seconds, steering wheel to steering wheel, spokeswoman Donna Barrett said.

While at a stop, drivers are supposed to hang their key ring from a finger so it’s handy when they get back behind the wheel, where they simultaneously start the engine with their right hand while fastening the seat belt with their left.

What kind of systems do you use in your business? What can you do to become more efficient?

Internet Empowered Consumer June 22, 2007

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The Zillow Blog had a great  post about IEC’s (Internet Empowered Consumer) this week.

Generation Y are tomorrow’s home buyers. As a real estate professional, if you rely on the same marketing channels that you reached our parents with, you’re not likely to reach us. There are numerous ways to reach generation Y, you just have participate in the places where we spend our time. We hang out on social networking sites such as Facebook and Myspace. We read local real estate blogs. We search for homes online. We research everything. We expect almost instant responses when we e-mail someone.  We’re always connected. We don’t care to listen to “pitches.”

They also mention great tips from  Michael Russer:

  • IECs want control, so give it to them. Because of their anonymity, the online consumer is in control and likes it that way. The more you try to take control (as you might do in a typical sales situation) the more you will push them away.
  • IECs value their privacy. Take every opportunity to reassure your online prospects that their privacy will be absolutely protected by you and your staff.
  • Few are ready to buy or sell. I estimate that 19 out of 20 online leads are from consumers in the information-gathering stage, and are not ready to explicitly declare their needs. These folks are easily converted to transactions, but only if you know how to nurture them to the point at which they are ready to move.

Homebuyers and sellers in their 20 and 30’s grew up playing Super Mario Brothers. Guess what? They are still playing video games. They text message. They Facebook. They MySpace. They Twitter.

Do you?

11 Things That New Real Estate Agents Do Wrong May 23, 2007

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Real Estate is an easy industry to get into but a tough industry to succeed in. It has been estimated that 90% of agents fail out of the real estate industry within 18 months. Mo Anderson, current Vice-Chairman of the Board for Keller Williams, explains that if a new licensee gets the correct training in the first 6 months that a real estate agents chance for success becomes 70%. Jonathon Dalton, from Century21 comments on Greg Tracy’s Blue Roof Blog in the article Brokerages Don’t Earn Commission, Realtor’s Do

“Brokerages do have an impact on an agent’s success and either can be positive or negative. Starting splits often are weighted so heavily toward the broker that only volume will allow the agent to survive financially and volume is the one thing most new agents don’t have. At the same time, a firm with a solid training program (and some of them really do exist) who can teach the agent something of use vs. the state licensing exams that require knowledge of virtually nothing relevant to the day-to-day can help an agent create a strong foundation on which to build. Steep splits plus poor training = disaster for agents….”.

There are many things that contribute to an agents success and many things that contribute to their failure. Here is my list of eleven things I see new real estate agents do wrong.

11 Things New Real Estate Agents Do Wrong

overwhelmed real estate agent1. DO NOTHING- There is so much to learn in this industry, new real estate agents can sometimes be overwhelmed and go into a state of shock(Sell Shocked). They do nothing instead of something. The correct training and accountability are key.

2. SPEND TO MUCH MONEY ON WRONG THINGS- “You have to spend money to make money” Sure, but you need to make money to spend money. Lead with revenue. There are many vendors out there claiming the “magic pill” for your lead generation and marketing needs. And as Jonathon Dalton comments many agents are giving so much money up to their broker there is not a lot left to build their own sales business. The first year can be difficult in real estate if not guided in the right direction. Many agents fail because they do #1 and #2.

 3.NOT ALIGN WITH TOP PRODUCERS- Find out who the top agents are in your office, in your company. Take them out for coffee, ask them about when the started, their training, their break through, their advice, ask them what the would do over if they started now.

4. NOT LEARNING FROM NON-PRODUCERS-You can learn a lot from these people also. Learn what not to do. Do not listen to someone that does not have a track record of success. In fact, whatever they tell you not to do, think strongly about doing just that. An example is a Non-producer might tell you not to call FSBO’s “It doesn’t work.” they will say. I would go immediately and call a FSBO. 

5. NOT ASKING FOR HELP -When a new real estate agent hits that overwhelm, overload moment, they need to stop and ask for directions. Your manager, your fellow agents, your fellow Realtors. Find someone that is willing and wanting to help. You can’t succeed along in this business, in any business. Even a boxer has people in their corner. Even a golfer has coaches and a caddie on the course with them. Even a race car driver has pit crew.

6. NOT CONTACTING YOUR SPHERE-This is the group of people that like you, trust you and want you to succeed. Your friends, family, neighbors, past co-workers, church members, club members. Real estate is a relationship business. People prefer to work with those that they have relationship with. Ask them to help you find business and ask them for business. People will want to help and will enjoy being a part of your success. Succeed through others. See #5.

7. WORKING WITH TIME KILLERS New agents think because they have nothing better to do that they will work  buyers that will “know what they want when they see it” or the seller that “might sell if they get the right price”. Make good a habits because habits are hard to break. If you can rid of these time-killers early, your ability to do this later in your career will be easy. Focus your time on lead generation activities that bring you the type of buyers and sellers that you want to work with.Dream Big 8. NOT DREAMING BIG ENOUGH-The worst thought you can put into your head is average. Even worse is failure. Earl Nightingale says “You become what you think about”. Gary Keller says “Think Big. Aim High. Be Bold.”

9. TELLING PEOPLE YOU ARE NEW– If you have developed your skills, practiced scripting, rehearsed your presentation, know the market and numbers,  no one will question your experience level. If you don’t do all these things they will question your skill level, which might lead them to question if you are new. Never volunteer that info though. Let your great skills speak for them self. Have a quiet confidence.

10. NOT HAVING A BUSINESS PLAN You are starting a new business. You are operating a business. You are the CEO of your real estate sales business. Why would you not have a plan? Some agents might spend a couple hours doing their business plan for a year to never look at it again. Your long term plan should be reviewed once a week. Your one month plan should be reviewed daily. Whenever you feel lost, uninspired, unmotivated-you should review the plan to get refocused on the big picture. Also have another individual hold you accountable to your goals and plan. Be accountable to them and have them help you succeed.

11. NOT GETTING THE RIGHT/ENOUGH TRAINING-Many brokerages training barely scratches the surface for an agent on how to start a successful business in this industry. The training that many agents get is just enough to let a new real estate agent know just how much they don’t know. See #1. It is your responsibility to find the right training if your brokerage is not offering it. Also many agents will think because they have sat through a course once they are done. NO. You take and retake. You take and you master. If you are not ready to teach the course you should retake the course until you are. This is called spaced repetition.Be learning based and action focused and success is yours!!!

Building Your Real Estate Business May 22, 2007

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I came across Bob Parson’s blog , Founder and CEO of GoDaddy.com, titled “The secret John D. Rockefeller used to build Standard Oil. It’s simple. Putting it to work in your business. Not only is this a great article but a lot of great comments added to it from readers.

This is a great article for any type of business but I know a lot of real estate agents don’t apply most of or any of these points. 

The main point I took out of this article was everything that is watched, improves. What you track, measure and manage will improve.

What things do you want to do to improve in your business? What things are your tracking? What things should you be tracking? What systems and models do you have in place? Who is coaching and working with you to help you to the next level?

Google Real Estate Tools May 21, 2007

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 Google has created a whole info page just for Real Estate Professionals on what Google has to offer to help you and your consumers. 

Google Tools For Real Estate Professionals.

Google Base= Where you can post your listings.
Google Adwords= This is online marketing at its best, being where your audience is. You can have adverstise on this site. Look to the right. That’s an example of Google Adwords.

Google Maps=Not only is this the newest trend in real estate searching but it is only going to get bigger and better. It’s not going away. People still drive around and search for neighborhoods, right? This virtually allows them to do the same thing.

Google Earth=Google Maps Cubed. This is 3D and alive. I don’t completley understand yet. When one of you has mastered all it has to offer let us know.

Google Business Center=Be there or get passed by.

Google Sketch Up=The same as Google Earth for Me. Very cool tool, I don’t know how realistic it is to use just yet.

Feedback May 21, 2007

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FeedbackFeedback is all around us, we just have to pay attention and be aware.

If you slice your golf shot into the woods, you are doing something wrong with your swing. If you smell something burning in the oven, you left the dinner in to long. If you wake up with sore muscles, you worked your body to hard the day before.

Feedback is all around us, all the time. Some things are just more obvious and transparent and some times it helps with a third party, outside perspective to help us see, realize, correct and refocus. Your business could be giving you feedback but you may not know what it is or how to interpret it. This feedback could come from such  forms as; no closings for a month, two months, or three months. Not having any current listings. Going on a listing appointment but not getting the listing. Not getting a referral from past clients or sphere of influence.

What do these things mean, but more importantly what can you do to correct it?