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$ucce$$ in 24 Hours

$ucce$$ in 24 Hours

Coaching PROGRAM

“The most complete training/coaching program  that has been introduced to real estate.”Levi Stearns

The recipe for success:
Take the anatomy of a 3 hour lead generation day, mix in some script role play, add a touch of business development training, blend with personal evolvement and mindset coaching, combine with KW Power Hour and KWConnect.com. Take focused action on lead generation and lead conversion, topping off with accountability reporting to provide you with self discovery to increase your effectiveness and efficiency.

I’ve gone from avoiding making appointments to making five appointments in the last month. That’s HUGE for me! I’ve generated 24 leads. I’ve picked up two buyers and have one under contract with a signed Buyer Agency Agreement and pre-approval letter. I’m tracking my numbers. My systems are getting better. I have renewed confidence. I also have new dreams and renewed hope that life can be fun again.  –Cathy Fullerton

When:  April 1st 1:00-3:30
500 SE Everett Mall Way, Everett WA
Cost: FREE / Limited Seating 50 Guests Only
Reserve your seat at the Success Retreat: 

In two days I have booked five appointments, and there are still three days of work left in this week.  I contribute my recent success to the S24 program.  With the three elements, scripting, business coaching on necessary Real Estate Skill sets, and the support from the other members of the group I think we are all unstoppable.  We have to listen, trust the process of the program and stop thinking.  Thinking lets the fear in.  Thinking disables your trust and you will not be able to break through.  Just go in the morning and do what you need to do to get your activity sheet in and magic happens almost effortlessly. –Ray Wilburn

What: Learn the 6 Key Factors for Success in this Market

1. Mindset

2. Dreams, Goals and Limiting Beliefs

3. Mastering Efficiency and Effectiveness

4. Follow Up & Follow Through

5. Open The Opportunity/Closing Techniques That Work

6. Putting It All Together

The principles and the “hands on” being taught by Darin have kept me in the game.  Most importantly, I learned that when I take the necessary actions being taught to “survive” this shift, I will then “thrive.”Cheryl Latimer

Register TODAY to Save your Seat for the Success Retreat/Limited Seats Available

Contact Successin24Hours@gmail.com or 425-446-2429

And get these gifts for attending:


1. Ray Wilburn - March 27, 2009

I am so looking forward to starting the program again! I had a bit of a stutter step with my mindset, but the unstoppable Rhino of the Jungle is back to break necks and cash checks (no actual necks have been broken in the creation of this message).

2. Pedro Gonzales - April 3, 2009

The retreat @ the Everett Market Center on Weds afternoon was excellent. Darin, thank you for spear-heading this event. I hope that we see this reflected in the numbers who participate in the next session?

I am half way through the book that was given to all of us, “Go for No!” A superb choice, Darin! I have been reading to it to Cheri and my three kids while here at our little 1000 Trail get-away in Monroe. I will be re-reading this book over the next few weeks to let it’s msg sink in, “The word ‘no’ doesn’t have to be debilitating to us. That’s the most important lesson you’ll ever learn.” (p. 35)

Whoever bought the books–Roy, Mike or Darin…THANKS A BUNCH!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

I was struck when I looked around that room, during the retreat, about how fortunate I am to be surrounded by SO much talent. We couldn’t be more lucky then to have Darin so drawn to boating and the water — the inspiration for his move to the Pacific Northwest (so I’ve been told). If I could continue to surround myself around the likes of Antone, Ray, Cathy, Levi and so many others on a consistent basis — that would be a truly good life.

I have so much to learn from you folks. I’m looking forward to doing so in coming weeks & months ahead…:)

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