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Where Have I Been? October 27, 2008

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I have been busy training, coaching, consulting and writing in other forums.

I will get my training sessions posted on here ASAP which is open to all agents. My Solutions Coaching Program is also underway which is open to all agents meeting a minimum production requirement and completing the initial assessment. These training and coaching programs are FREE! Contact me for more info morelistingsmoresales@gmail.com

I have not been writing on www.MoreListingsMoreSales.com lately as I have been spending my time on Mastering The Real Estate SHIFT and working with Keller Williams Realty International Trainer Holly Perry on her blog Recruiting By The Book.

Needless to say this all is keeping my pretty busy and I recognize that you, the real estate agent, are also working harder with not as much of financial reward as you have received in the past. I will do my best to give you the info, strategies, support and knowledge that you need to make it through this market.

Upcoming Training Classes:

October 27th, 1:00 Modeling For Success “By The Book” 1:00

October 28th  2:00 Mastering The Real Estate SHIFT Session #3 2:00


It’s My Time….Real Estate Excercise June 14, 2008

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Take a piece of paper out and right down the answers to these questions.

It’s my time…
To understand the market.

How much is it really down? How much is it really up?
What is my housing affordability index?
What is my Days On Market (DOM)?
What is the absorption rate?
To be learning based.

Where can I join a mastermind? Who is coaching me? What national training events can I attend? What
regional training is available? What local training is open to me? What books am reading?
To be productive.

What methods of lead generation am I doing?
When? How often? For how how long?

Real Estate Coaching Part 4 November 8, 2007

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Real Estate Coaching Part 1

Real Estate Coaching Part 2

Real Estate Coaching Part 3

When coaching any real estate agents or real estate sales managers, I want to know their “why?”.Their “Big Why?”. There are many jobs out there. Many careers to be had. Many ways to earn a living.

Why do you want to succeed in real estate?

Think about that for a minute. Do you know why you want to deal with short fused, impossible sellers? Why do you want to work with time consuming, unrealistic buyers? If you don’t know “why?” email me to schedule a FREE phone consultation on defining your purpose. MoreListingsMoreSales@gmail.com

Your “Big Why” is not about making money either? It never is. I promise you. Watch.

Why do you want to be successful in real estate?

  • To make lots of money

Why do you want to make lots of money?

  • Ahhh…..I really would like to be able to retire early and pay for my kids to get through college.

Why do you want to retire early?

  • It would be great to travel with my husband and really spend quality time together in our later years.

Why do you want to pay for your kids college tuition?

  • I never went to school, but I know that so many more doors open for you when you have a degree. I want them to be happy and successful in life.

So the reason you want to be successful in real estate is so that you can spend quality time with your husband, traveling and exploring the world. And also being able to help your kids discover themselves, living a happy, successful life.

If I’m in a real estate coaching relationship with someone, we have that conversation and that doesn’t make them pick up the phone and lead generate even a little bit, either they are not being honest with themselves or they don’t belong in real estate. By the way, real estate coaching is not all about getting agents to lead generate.

Real estate coaching, in my opinion is more than giving an agent systems, tools and education. Real estate coaching is about training, demonstrating, and guiding. Most real estate offices and real estate franchises have good enough tools and systems for their agents to succeed with, the real estate offices just do not take the time to properly show agents, what and how to do.

If you are ready to increase your performance, production and profit-visit our Coaching page.

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