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Building Your Real Estate Business May 22, 2007

Posted by Darin Persinger in Business Planning, Coaching, Education, Info, Real Estate, Sales.

I came across Bob Parson’s blog , Founder and CEO of GoDaddy.com, titled “The secret John D. Rockefeller used to build Standard Oil. It’s simple. Putting it to work in your business. Not only is this a great article but a lot of great comments added to it from readers.

This is a great article for any type of business but I know a lot of real estate agents don’t apply most of or any of these points. 

The main point I took out of this article was everything that is watched, improves. What you track, measure and manage will improve.

What things do you want to do to improve in your business? What things are your tracking? What things should you be tracking? What systems and models do you have in place? Who is coaching and working with you to help you to the next level?


1. Sue Stark - July 15, 2007

I measure everything! How many calls I make each day, how many handwritten notes I send out, how many referrals I have given and received. I also measure where my referrals come from, review my referral list weekly to make sure the A’s are still the A’s. I make sure my A’s get a monthly mailing and and at least a phone call every other month. I put everyone I contact with their permission on an email drip campaign.

I track sales, pending sales, possible sales in the next six months. I track advertising promotions and dollars spent against sales made each month so at the end of 12-24 months I know what my profit margin is. Does it pay off – I think so. I just finished my first year in Real Estate comming on board last June and I have closed 10 sales. Nothing to blow your socks off but at least it is a good start!

2. edynrealestate - July 15, 2007

Sue, that is incredible! 10 sales might not “blow the socks off” but sounds lilke you are setting an incredible foundation for your business. CONGRATS on your success!!!
What have been the source of your 10 transactions?

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